Foxes clinch second Twenty20 Cup title

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The Leicestershire Foxes beat the Nottinghamshire Outlaws by 4 runs in the pouring rain at Trent Bridge to clinch their second Twenty20 Cup title in the space of three years.

21:57 Thats it its all over.

21:52 This is far from cricket weather, but there is no point ending this pulsating final early. New batsman Franks misses his first delivery and then powers the next into the stands for six. The penultimate ball of the over prompts a fast single, but sharp fielding removes Patel for 27.

21:47 As the rain sluices down on Trent Bridge, Patel takes his turn as slugger and the result is two consecutive boundaries. Just as the home crowd senses victory, Ealham lofts a ball to Maddy, who makes absolutely no mistake. Advantage Leicestershire again.

21:43 Ealham spanked Masters for 30 runs in an over earlier in the season. Can he go after Cummins? The answer is an emphatic yes as the first two deliveries go for 10 runs. The over costs 19 - has Snape made a big error bringing back the young bowler?

21:39 Read and Patel have the weight of Nottinghamshire on their shoulders now. Patel responds with a thumping four, but Read top edges a sweep to Broad to become the fourth Outlaws victim. Enter six hitter Mark Ealham.

21:34 As the rain falls harder, Leicestershire's position strengthens. Any immediate stoppage would hand them victory on Duckworth Lewis.

21:29 WICKET Broad srikes to change the course of the game as Hussey goes for 37 and the Outlaws lose their second wicket in four balls.

21:26 WICKET A better over for the Foxes as Fleming holes out for 53 to Cummins at long leg from the bowling of Snape.

21:24 Hussey is living dangerously, but he is still living it up in the middle. So is Fleming, who reaches an imperious fifty. The boundaries are flowing and that is very bad news for Leicestershire.

21:21 Leicestershire turn to spinner Henderson in an attempt to stem the flow of runs. The tactic works, but Nixon drops a half chance behind the stumps.

21:17 A beautifully timed four from Fleming is followed by a booming six down the ground from Hussey. After almost running out his captain on the previous delivery, I think Hussey has made amends.

21:12 Hussey opens his shoulders and lofts a four over backward point's head to up the run rate a tad. The Outlaws will need plenty more of those if they are to leave Trent Bridge with the cup.

21:09 Maddy, the hero of Leicestershire's innings with the bat, tries his luck with the ball. And he has an immediate result, trapping Swann lbw for 14. This man can do no wrong today as danger man Hussey enters the fray for Nottinghamshire.

21:06 Masters comes on for the unfortunate Cummins. But he has bad history against the Outlaws himself, having gone for 30 runs in an over earlier this season. This over is far tighter than that (just the nine) as the field restrictions elapse.

21:02 Broad glares at Swann after another quality delivery passes the bat. But he has no chance to stare down Fleming, who belts a subsequent ball for four. The New Zealand captain is in ominously good nick.

20:56 Swann flashes hard and gets away with an edge as Cummins continues to be expensive. He narrowly misses a tough caught and bowled chance as a few drops of rain start to fall.

20:52 Broad is the picture of consistency at the other end. Only singles and dot balls are coming from his overs.

20:46 Fleming finds the boundary off three of Ryan Cummins first four balls of his first over.

20:42 Stuart Broad opens the attack for the Foxes, he first over goes for five.

20:36 Out come the Foxes followed by Fleming and Swann, can the Outlaws chase down 178 to win the 2006 Twenty20 Cup.

20:26 Darren Maddy hits the final ball of the innings for 4 to set the Outlaws a score of 178 to win.

20:19 With an over to go the Foxes will be looking to score another 10 runs to set the Outlaws a decent score to chase under the floodlights.

20:16 WICKET The Outlaws finally make a break through as James Allenby goes for a brilliant 64 after be run out by Shrek (159-2)

20:14 Darren Maddy is dropped for the second time tonight and the Outlaws are made to pay again as another 13 runs are scored from the over.

20:11 James Allenby bring up his 50 with a four (36 balls), Paul Franks concedes 14 runs off his first over as the Foxes reach 144-1 with three overs to go.

20:07 Gareth Clough comes into the attack looking to slow the Foxes down his first over goes for just 3 runs.

20:04 Maddy brings up the 100 partnership (63 balls), Swann finishes his four overs with figures of 0-30.

20:01 Darren Maddy completes his 50 (41 balls) with a six into the Radcliffe Road Stand, Ealham feels the pressure as he concedes 16 off his over.

19:58 With the overs slowly ticking alone the Foxes reach 99 after 13 overs, with wickets in hand they will look to start attacking the Outlaw bowlers.

19:53 Swann goes for another 8 runs while Ealham is more costly going for 11 runs to more the Outlaws onto 92-1 after 12 overs.

19:48 With ten overs gone the Foxes are 73-1.

19:47 Mark Ealhams first over includes a huge six by Allenby over the William Clarke Stand, cue new ball, cue old ball leaving the ground!

19:45 Graeme Swann comes into the attack for the Outlaws and see’s his first over go for 9 runs including a four for Allenby.

19:41 The Foxes 50 (45 balls) comes up off a four by James Allenby, Shrek also completes his four overs finishing with figure of 0-33.

19:38 The Outlaws keep the same game plan as they did in the second semi final as Sidebottom completes his four overs, he finishes with figures of 1-23.

19:34 Despite losing Ackerman the Foxes keep the pressure up on the Outlaws as James Allenby crashes 13 of Shreks third over.

19:29 WICKET Ackerman gets an unlucky edge and can only watch as the ball hits the stumps to give Sidebottom his first wicket of the day.

19:27 Ackerman and Maddy attack Shrek as well taking 8 off the over, off the last ball of the over Maddy is dropped on 13 by Gareth Clough.

19:23 The first six of the final goes sailing off into Larwood and Voce Stand, two balls later a four goes the same way, the Foxes aren’t going to be pressured like Surrey was as Sidebottoms 2nd over goes for 11.

19:19 Another excellent over for the Outlaws, this time Charlie Shrek lays down a maker conceding only 4 runs, it could be very tough for the Foxes if Shrek and Sidebottom bowl like they did in the second semi final.

19:16 The perfect start by Sidebottom as he continues from where he left off against Surrey, with an over gone the Foxes are 2-0.

19:12 Ryan Sidebottom is ready to start play, dot ball.

19:11 The 2006 Twenty20 Cup Finals is moments away, is the rain?

19:10 Here come the players, well the Outlaws anyway, and here come the Foxes.

19:00 Jeremy Snape won the toss and elected to bat.

With all eyes on the sky the Final is set to start at 19:15, early reports suggest the rain may stay away long enough for 40 overs to be bowled.

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