Spectacular opening ceremony kicks off IPL
Source - indiatimes.com
Dazzling fireworks that lit up the sky and a glittering opening ceremony attended by the top brass of the ICC and the BCCI kicked off the DLF Indian Premier League.
In a spectacular ceremony before the lung-opener between Bangalore Royal Challengers and the Kolkata Knight Riders, the BCCI patted itself for heralding the start of a new phase in international cricket.

A packed house erupted in excitement as captains of the eight participating teams walked out to sign the MCC's Spirit of Cricket, under which the entire tournament will be played out.

BCCI President described it as a "historic day" for international cricket and hoped that fans would maintain their interest for the next 44 days, which will see 59 matches.

"I am confident that all cricket-loving people will support this new initiative that the BCCI has taken," he said.

ICC President Ray Mali also congratulated the Indian board for the spectacular arrangement.

"You have taken cricket to the next level," he said. Later, BCCI vice-President and IPL chairman Lalit Modi declared the tournament open.