Symonds rues bowling blues
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Andrew Symonds held his hand up and accepted part of the blame for Deccan Chargers’ third defeat in the Indian Premier League on Thursday.
The Aussie’s side lost to Rajasthan Royals by three wickets from a commanding position after he bowled the final over with the Royals requiring 17, and his compatriot Shane Warne hit 14 off three of Symonds’ deliveries.

Symonds’ 117 not out off 53 balls when batting in his side’s innings was forgotten as he was foiled by his fellow countryman.

“I probably bowled the worst over in Twenty20 history to lose us the game,” Symonds said.

“That’s the nature of it, it’s not very friendly at times.

“Any scores are possible. It’s good for the game. Sometimes it’s not good for the ego.”