Ganguly defends not walking
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Kolkata Knight Riders captain Sourav Ganguly has hit back at Rajasthan Royals counterpart Shane Warne for criticising his on-field behaviour.
Warne slammed the Indian batsman for taking too long to come out to bat and then questioning a catch taken by Graeme Smith during their Indian Premier League match on Thursday.

Smith looked at first to have taken a fine diving catch in the deep, but Ganguly was given not out after apparently asking the field umpire to refer his dismissal to the third umpire.

Ganguly insists he did nothing wrong.

"I can just laugh at what Shane Warne is saying because he just needs to have a look at his career and what he has done - he should not be talking about the spirit of the game, and taking a dropped catch and appealing in all my 12-13 years of playing I did not know whether that was in the spirit of the game," he told Times Now.

"When I ran in I looked at the umpire and said he has not caught it cleanly. That is all I said. And referring to the third umpire was completely his decision."

South African captain Smith insists he took a clean catch.

"It's always difficult when you are diving forward but at the time I felt it was a clean catch - I think TV replays have shown it was a clean catch," he said.

"We always want to play the game in the right spirit - and we want to see that that is being recognised.

"There have been one or two things gone the wrong way in the IPL so far, but there has been some fantastic cricket and I personally would love to see people focussing on that.

"I know the laws of the game and what you are and are not allowed to, and I think probably Sourav was a touch out of line - but at the end of the day it is nice to know that Shane is backing me in terms of that.

"Fortunately I am not captaining so I don't have to get involved in all of this stuff - but I think the replays show enough to decide. I think it is not worth getting involved in all this stuff now - the cricket is good, our team played well and we won."