MCC committee proposes IPL window
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The MCC's World Cricket Committee has proposed the creation of two three-week periods in the international calendar to accommodate sanctioned events such as the Indian Premier League.
There is a concern that players may start preferring the riches on offer in India ahead of playing for their country because there are few gaps in the current schedule.

"The committee accepts that there is a place for the IPL but that the introduction of this tournament has brought to the fore the issue of premature retirement from the international game," read a statement today.

"It is vital to ensure that there is a strategic, well-planned fixture list.

"The committee proposes that the ICC identify windows in the cricket calendar to enable all forms of the game - Test, 50-over ODI and Twenty20 - to successfully co-exist.

Furthermore, the committee hopes that all Member boards will work with ICC to work towards this goal." Another recommendation was to trial day/night Tests in countries where the climate makes in feasible in order to boost attendances.

"The committee recognises that there will be challenges to overcome with a proposed trial of Test match day/night cricket - such as dew, the colour of the ball and clothing used - but that efforts should be made to research and develop this option." There was also a call to allow elite umpires to stand in matches involving their own country and that an effort should be made to ensure those umpires who don't want to travel the world can still be used at the top level.

The committee said that the minimum Test over-rate should 15-an-hour, calling the current average of 13.8 "acceptable, particularly for the paying public." A warning on the importance of player conduct said it was vital that international cricketers set the best example, while the committee reiterated its support for the use of increased technology in decision making.