Modi insists IPL will go ahead
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In a move to put an end to all the speculation regarding the Indian Premier League’s fate once and for all, IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi said that the league will go on.
“The IPL is on,” he said. “We want to assure fans, sponsors and others that the IPL will go on as per schedule.”

While reinforcing the fact that the IPL won’t be moved out of India, he also urged the concerned parties to avoid speculation. “IPL is not being moved out. It would be held in India.”

Grateful to the support given by the Home Ministry, he also said that the dates of the second season’s inaugural and closing games would remain the same while the matches inside the time frame would be re-scheduled to ensure that no matches are played during the counting days.

Subsequently, if there is a polling day in a region, the match of that region would be re-scheduled while the matches in other regions would be unaffected.

“On election days, there would be no matches”, he said.

Clearing any doubts over the security of the players, he assured that the IPL would hire their own security to ensure a safe tournament.

Earlier in the day, he quashed reports that the Indian Premier League’s second installment might be forced to change venues to a foreign location, league’s commissioner Lalit Modi reiterated that ‘IPL was always a domestic tournament and will stay that way’.

"Reports of moving venues out of India are rubbish," said Modi. "IPL is a domestic tournament and will stay so," he said.

“There is no need for speculations. I don’t know where the channels got the information from”, he added.

The terror attack on the Sri Lankan team on Tuesday in Lahore raised wide-spread security concerns in the subcontinent region, compounding problems for the IPL organisers, who are also now wary of many foreign players pulling out.

Federation of International Cricketers Association chief executive Tim May has already sought a wider role in assessing the security for players during the IPL.