Lalit Modi accused of taking IPL out of Jaipur
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Rajasthan government has hit out at the Indian Premier League (IPL) Commissioner and Chairman Lalit Modi for taking the League out of the state.
The government claims it had a problem with some dates that clashed with polls and not the entire tournament.

Rajasthan Home Minister Shanti Dhariwal has called Lalit Modi "a cheat" and has said Modi was responsible for pulling IPL out of Jaipur.

"The way they've pulled out the matches from Jaipur it puts a question mark on their intention to hold them in Jaipur in the first place," Dhariwal said. "It's an arbitrary decision for which people will not forgive Modi. The people of Rajasthan are feeling cheated."

"We had only asked for two dates out of six to be rescheduled," he said. "Rajasthan has been given biased treatment. We were preparing for the IPL matches to be conducted in Jaipur when we got to know that the matches have been pulled out of Jaipur that too through newspapers. It's shocking that there has been no communication with the State government on this."

The IPL commissioner, however, has distanced himself from the controversy, saying it's a matter that needs to be sorted out between the Home Ministry and the state of Rajasthan.

"About Jaipur you have to ask the Home Ministry," Modi said.

"We had scheduled the dates but there were issues with the paramilitary forces because of which the Home Minister asked us to scrap the dates. It's up to the Rajasthan government and the Home Ministry to decide; it is between them and not between us," he said.

The Union Government is yet to give security clearance to the IPL as it is clashing with 15the Lok Sabha elections.