Freddy would still put England ahead of the IPL
James Fiztpatrick | cricket20
Even though he no longer players test cricket for England Andrew Flintoff has admitted the passion he felt playing for his country still burns strong and he would never choose to play a full season in the IPL.
Flintoff was interview in January's edition of The Wisden Cricketer magazine and he admitted he would never of put the IPL ahead of his England career.

"I would never turn down England, I have shown more than enough passion over the years, and thatís not something you lose because I donít have a contract"

"If I didnít think I was going to play for England again, I would not have had this latest operation, no way. It is all about playing for England" he added.

"My intentions are to play every one-day and Twenty20 game for England. It is never going to be a case of picking and choosing."

"I want to play for England and Lancashire, Iíve got my contract with Chennai and now I have the opportunity to play around the world as well."
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