Modi stands firm over Pakistan complaints
James Fiztpatrick | cricket20
With the fall out from Tuesdays IPL player auction rumbling on IPL commissioner Lalit Modi has stated the franchises or the league owe no answers to anyone.
The Pakistan Cricket Board have turned the snub of the Pakistan players into a political row but Modi stood firm saying the decision not to pick any Pakistan players were down to the individual needs of the franchises.

"The owners and only the owners have the prerogative If the owners don't pick them up, what can I do?"

Modi has seen effigies of himself burnt across Pakistan but he was hopeful some of the Pakistan players would be picked. "I was always hopeful that the Pakistanis would be selected This has nothing to do with the IPL I am not a super selector".

"Why should we get into this issue of apologizing or not apologizing. IPL has put its best for forward and included the best players. Why aren't you saying I should apologize to Canada and Netherlands and Australia and Zimbabwe whose players were not picked up?"
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