MCC rule out involvement in IPL auction
Felix Austin | cricket20
The MCC have announced they have decided not to join a consortium of Indian businessmen who were planning to bid for one of the two new IPL franchises.
A meeting was held at Lords last night with the MCC Committee decided to build a broader relationship with the IPL instead of being part owner of a franchise.

Keith Bradshaw, MCCs Chief Executive travelled to India last week with Club Trustee Anthony Wreford to discuss proposals with a number of potential partners.

"After a healthy debate and a thorough investigation, MCCs Committee has decided to uphold the recommendation of our working party not to proceed as an equity stakeholder in a new IPL franchise" said Bradshaw.

"Having said that, we will continue to discuss other ideas with the IPL and, through their support of the MCC Spirit of Cricket campaign, maintain a close working relationship with them" he added.

"The world of cricket is fast-changing and theres no doubt the IPL is going to be a central part of that world for the foreseeable future. We will remain in close contact with the IPL to develop mutually beneficial opportunities."
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