Kochi consortium split on move to Ahmedabad
Aaron Moores | cricket20
The fall out from the Twittergate scandal between Lalit Modi and Sashi Tharoor as continued with some members of the Kochi consortium discussing plans to move the franchise to Ahmedabad.
Union Agriculture Minister and ICC president-designate Sharad Pawar announced on Thursday that five members of the Kochi consortium contacted him to request the franchise be moved to Ahmedabad.

Although he declined to name any of the consortium he met with the plans to move the team to Ahmedabad is just the latest in a long line of rows that have engulfed the Indian Premier League since the disclosure of the members of the Kochi consortium by Modi at the weekend.

With Modi and the Kochi consortium both seeking legal advice over recent claims made by both parties there is a danger the whole episode could overshadow the rest of this years tournament and put in danger Kochis involvement in next years IPL.

The disclosure by Modi caused a war of words with Junior foreign minister Shashi Tharoor who claimed Modi was trying to discredit the team and create reasons to disqualify it so that the franchise can be awarded elsewhere.

The Junior foreign minister helped Rendezvous sports during the bidding process and although Tharoor has no stake in the franchise he said the Kochi team had bid in an "open and transparent" manner.

"Their unexpected success upset the plans of a lot of powerful people, who had wanted the franchise to go elsewhere".

"The unethical efforts that have been made by Mr Modi and others to thwart the Kerala franchise which has been won fair and square in a transparent bidding process are disgraceful," he added.
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