Royals and Kings XI teams scrapped by the BCCI
Aaron Moores | cricket20
The IPL Governing Council has terminated the franchises of the Rajasthan Royals and the Kings XI Punjab at an emergency meeting in Mumbai where the teamís ownership structures were discussed.
The decision to remove the teams from next yearís tournament was unanimously agreed after the Governing Council examined the ownership structures of both franchises during the previous few days.

The rules governing the eight original franchises; singed in 2008 by each team owner allows the BCCI to terminate a franchise with immediate effect if there has been any of violations of the procedures that govern the ownership and control of a franchise.

"It was also decided unanimously decided that the franchise agreement with K P H Dream Cricket Pvt Ltd and Jaipur IPL Cricket Pvt Ltd be terminated forthwith based on the legal opinions obtained by BCCI in the matter," said a BCCI statement released after the meeting.

"It was also decided to issue a notice to the unincorporated joint venture holding the Kochi franchise calling upon them to resolve all their disputes and form a joint venture company which will hold the IPL franchise rights."

"Mr P R Raman, advocate for BCCI, has been given instructions to issue all the three notices," the statement added.

Both teams have announced their surprise and regret at the decision and while they wait for further information from the BCCI they will be consulting their legal representatives before taking further action.

The decision by the BCCI to remove the Royals and Kings XI franchises from next years tournament has already created a strong response from other franchise owners with Royals Challengers Bangalore owner Vijay Mallya backing the Royals and Kings XI.

"This is down right ridiculous and raises serious questions on the attitude of the BCCI towards IPL franchisees," said Mallya via Twitter.

"I wonder if IPL franchisees are serious stakeholders whose investments and participation are respected or are they slaves who only come and play?" he added.
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