BCCI personal agendas attacked by Lalit Modi
Javinder Singh | cricket20
Former Indian Premier League commission Lalit Modi has attacked the BCCI over their decision to axe the Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab franchises.
Modi, who was himself sacked by the board on Wednesday said the BCCI have damaged the IPL and were hell bent on destroying the tournament just to satisfy personal agendas.

In a series of tweets on the micros blogging website Twitter; Modi said the Game is bigger than the organisation. The Owners should get together and run the league on there own.

"It is time to lay bare all facts as to how the Bcci has sheltered the men at the helm of affairs and to protect the people who run the game. Anyone who objects to do what President Elect wants - gets a taste of the wrath of the Bcci. I am glad I am not part of this current set up," he added.

"All illegal things done by CSK amd its owners have been over looked by BCCI. Why ? Who is running the show. What has Srinivasan got on them Members go to meetings and listen to Diktat of President and President elect. if you open your mouth you are thrown out. This cannot go on."

"Bcci's total disregard for Franchisees and there stakeholders only goes to show that - Bcci has lost the ability to administer sensibly. Instead of concentrating on building IPL and BCCI - they have chosen a path of vengeance and in that they will only hurt the Game."

"The status of all teams is the same. They were all approved. There is no ambiguity as far as that is concerned. The action it totally illegal They are hell bent on destroying something that we as Indians are proud of - The IPL. So as to satisfy there personal Agendas."
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