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Paul Collingwood took 4-22, the best figures in Twenty20 International cricket, as Sri Lanka were bowled out for 163 against England at the Rose Bowl.

But Middlesex's Ed Joyce suffered the heartache of a possible broken ankle early in Sri Lanka's innings.

Joyce was trying to take a catch to end Sanath Jayasuriya's innings early but fell awkwardly and had to be helped into an ambulance after a long delay.

Jayasuriya's 41 was the top score but he was one of Collingwood's victims.

20th over: Sri Lanka have won by 2 runs! England 161-5

19th over: The maths are simple, England need just 9 runs off the final 6 balls of the game. Jayasuriya will bowl the penultimate over and Jones hits his first ball down the ground for two: 17 off 11. The next ball disappears over midwicket for four: 13 off 10. And Jones then works the third ball to long-off: they 12 off nine and you have to fancy their chances now. But that's a huge wicket as Trescothick tries to regain his ground but is beaten by Sangakkara's throw. England 155-5

18th over: Trescothicks the man, hitting 14 of the over as England close in on Sri Lankas total of 163. England 145-4

17th over: England need fours and sixes, not ones and twos, but that's all they're getting right now. They've only hit 13 fours so far, which ain't good enough as a pitch invader tries his luck. I'm not sure whether he's got any clothes on, because the cameras are studiously ignoring him. And there's six as Tresco sweeps Dilshan over backward square. Just what the doctor ordered! Eleven off the over - exactly what England needed. England 131-4

16th over: Is it a sweep? Is it a reverse sweep? Dalrymple doesn't seem to know either and he gets an edge behind. Eminem's Lose Yourself accompanies him back to the dugout. England 120-4

15th over: Collingwood tried to flick the spinner over midwicket but midwicket, skipper Jayawardene, hangs on and England are now in a bit of trouble. England 114-3

14th over: Jayasuriya is not an easy batsman to get away as he trundles in over the wicket. He always seems to cause England problems. And right on cur Trescothick late-dabs him four four. England 106-2

13th over: That would have been six if Malinga hadn't got in the way. Could it be the moment that turns the match? I think it might be. And that's a bad drop by Tillekeratne Dilshan as Paul Collingwood squirts Maharoof to backward point. What a let-off. Could it be the moment that turns the match? Oh. And before I can pose the question for the third time, Trescothick dances down the track and deposits Maharoof over point for four. England needed that. England 97-2

12th over: Pietersen goes for another big shot, slog-sweeping behind square and Malinga takes a great, diving catch on the boundary. England 88-2

11th over: Pietersen gets a life as Perera makes a horrible mess of getting underneath a skier at long-off and the batsman picks up two lucky runs. He was already heading off to the pavilion! Maharoof looks inconsolable, but Sri Lanka are still in this game. Pietersen looks like an oversize cat on a scalding hot tin roof and England are cutting this fine. England 80-1

10th over: It's getting tense now. This is the beauty of this form of the game: a couple of good overs and you're right back in the match. Sri Lanka are bowling well here now that the fielding restrictions have been lifted. Pietersen and Trescothick both take leg-side singles off Maharoof. England 72-1

9th over: The game's just gone quiet here, which is not a sentence you often write when KP is at the crease. Just eight off the last two overs.England 65-1

8th over: England's new skipper falls, playing around a ball that keeps straight and takes out his middle pole. Enter Kevin Pietersen. England 61-1

7th over: Maharoof, who starred against England in a one-day international here two years ago, replaces Perera with the field spread. He errs wide, though, and Strauss tucks in with a cut, to the delight of a group of fancy-dressed superheroes on the deep point boundary. England 57-0

6th over: Dilhara Fernando, another new arrival for the one-day series, replaces Malinga at the Media Centre End. Trescothick is struggling to time the ball here as the floodlights take full effect. Strauss dashes a single just beating a direct hit from mid on, although it takes the third umpire to confirm. Back on strike he crashes another boundary through the covers. England 49-0

5th over: Strauss goes down the track and hoicks Perera over midwicket for four."That's the furthest he's ever hit the ball," says Kevin Pietersen, who is being interviewed by David Gower in the England dug-out. The next ball is then driven ferociously through wide mid-on for four more. Lovely shot by the England captain. And there's four more! Another shimmy down the pitch but this time Strauss opens himself up to collect four through extra cover. And - guess what? - the next ball brings four more, this time down the ground! Perera then sends down a leg-side wide which evades Kumar Sangakkara and adds three to the total: 19 off the over and England are on course. England 42-0

4th over: Trescothick guides Malinga through the covers for four, then smashes him through extra for four more. That absolutely creamed Kapugedera on the wrist, so here comes the sprinting physio to great cheers. England 23-0

3rd over: Perera has a half-hearted appeal against Trescothick and Hawkeye shows why as it well very high and down leg side. England must take advantage of the first six overs with the fielders close, otherwise they will be behind the eight ball later. England 15-0

2nd over: Here's Lasith Malinga, who gets away with a couple of loose deliveries outside off which Andrew Strauss can only hit to point. An off-side wide follows, before Strauss is beaten on the drive. England 10-0

1st over: The left-arm seamer Ruchira Perera opens the bowling to Marcus Trescothick, but the first ball is a leg-side wide. Two leg-byes follow and England need to score at a tick more than eight an over. It's doable, but no more than 50-50 right now, mainly because England don't chase well under lights. Perera, you might recall, was suspected of being a chucker by some of England's batsmen when Sri Lanka last toured here in 2002. I think he had to undergo remedial action too. Meanwhile, Tresco pummels the first boundary of the innings: four over square-leg. Shot! England 7-0

2125 BST: Englands openers, Marcus Trescothick and Andrew Strauss walk onto the field.

20th over: After a flying start by Sri Lanka England managed to get back into the game by pegging them back to just 163, one run over the Rose Bowl average of 162. Sri Lanka 163

19th over: Kapugedera thrashes Mahmood straight to Kevin Pietersen at deep cover. A good shot and a good catch. Sri Lanka 158-8

18th over: With two overs to go England need to restrict Sri Lanka to around 162 to stand a good chance at chasing the total. Sri Lanka 151-7

17th over: Mahmood is bowling well here as the floodlights begin to take effect. A good mixture of slower balls and bouncers, which is taking a leaf out of Collingwood's book. A very good over. Sri Lanka 141-7

16th over: Total mayhem as Maharoof is run out twice in a baeball style double play, after being run out once Maharoof tries to get a second run from the over throw and is run out again, take me out to the ball park! Sri Lanka 137-7

15th over: Harmison is being bowled out, meaning one of the youngsters will have to bowl at the death. He keeps them to ones and twos, although there is another wide thrown in. Sub fielder Ball makes an outstanding sliding stop at deep midwicket to end the over. Sri Lanka 126-6

14th over: Four for Collingwood, who has bowled really well here - an object lesson to the three young seamers who came on before him. His latest victim is Sangakkara, who chips an admittedly ropey leg-stump half-volley straight to Andrew Strauss at midwicket. Sri Lanka 118-6

13th over: Back comes Harmison, but Sangakkara pulls him regally for four. "Too short," drones Hussain, who still has the strange habit of referring to his fellow-commentators by his surname. Harmison responds with a looping bouncer that was lucky not be signalled as a wide by Nigel Llong. England keep missing with their shies at the stumps, and Sri Lanka's running is so dubious that they're getting plenty of practice. They're basically hitting and running. Sri Lanka 114-5

2025 BST: England strike back with 5 quick wickets, a Sri Lanka landslide victory is looking less likely.

12th over: Arnold swings and misses at a knee-high full toss that takes out his middle stump and Collingwood takes his third wicket. He looks made for this form of the game. Sri Lanka 102-5

11th over: Sangakkara sweeps Dalrymple fine for four seconds after he was almost run out at the non-striker's end after Dalrymple tried to flick the ball onto the stumps. How did he miss from there? Sangakkara lofts the last ball of the over for four over mid-on. Sri Lanka 101-4

10th over: Dalrymple takes his second international wicket as Dilshan looks to cut and gets an edge to keeper Jones. Sri Lanka 95-4

10th over: An iffy decision from Ian Gould, who triggers Jayasuriya after he had gone across his stumps and tried to work a low full-toss from Collingwood to fine-leg. That hit him just outside the line of leg and was swinging even further. Sri Lanka 84-3

9th over: Farce at the Rose Bowl as Jayawardene is sent back by Jayasuriya after he tickled Jamie Dalrymple's first ball to short fine leg. Bell is waiting for the ball, returns it to Dalrymple, who demolishes the stumps as the Sri Lanka captain tries and fails to regain his ground. Sri Lanka 82-2

8th over: Tharanga looks to thrash through the off side but gets an inside edge to a slower ball and nicks onto his leg stump. He walks off to Tom Jones' Sex Bomb. Sri Lanka 75-1

7th over: Jayasuriya pulls a Mahmood no-ball for six! Twenty20 is made for this guy (Jayasuriya, not Mahmood), but Mahmood responds with a couple of tasty slower balls. Still, this has been a superb start by Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka 69-0

1945 BST: Sri Lanka are starting to show some real class, Australia's Twenty20 International record of 214 against New Zealand at Eden Park looks in danger of being beaten.

6th over: Here comes Liam Plunkett in place of Harmison (2-0-13-0) and his first ball is chipped back over his head by Tharanga for four. He's really going for it now, and then hammers the next ball through extra cover for four more. That was even better! England then give away a needless overthrow. Sri Lanka 58-0

5th over: Sajid Mahmood arrives at the Media Centre End after Bresnan's two overs yielded 20 runs. Tharanga has a big swing-and-miss at the first ball and the crowd groan as they did when Peter Crouch almost hit the corner flag with that shot. Sri Lanka 46-0

1945 BST: The news on Joyce is that he has a partial dislocation of the right ankle and a possible fracture. Sixteen minutes will be added to the England innings after the delay, so it goes on to 2046 BST.

4th over: Good start by Sri Lanka. It's a different proposition when Harmison's bowling, although Jayasuriya collects three with a fluent cover-drive. Sri Lanka 33-0

3rd over: Tharanga steals an off-side single off Bresnan, who then serves up a wide long-hop which Jayasuriya cracks between the two gullies for four. Just to show he's learned his lesson, Bresnan sends down an even wider one, and that's four more. Appalling. Then he loses his run-up. This has not been a great start to his international career by Bresnan, whose next ball is short and pulled for six! Sri Lanka 25-0

1936 BST: Play gets back under way.

1925 BST: It looks like Joyce may have injured his right ankle as he landed on the side of his foot, a ambulance comes onto the field of play.

2nd over: Jayasuriya gets an edge high in the air to third man, where Joyce runs round but he fails to take the catch leaping high in the air and then crumples in agony, calling immediately for the physio. Sri Lanka 10-0

1st over: Debutant Tim Bresnan is in at the deep end as he opens the bowling to 1996 World Cup winner Sanath Jayasuriya. He starts with a wide, inauspiciously. Jayasuriya pushes a single then there are two more wides from the all-rounder described by one pundit this week as "Mark Ealham-like". Upul Tharanga gets off the mark with a slice to third man before Bresnan finds his radar. Sri Lanka 5-0

1905 BST: In the six Twenty20 internationals that have been played worldwide all of them have been won by the team winning the toss - four batting first and two chasing.

1855 BST: The atmosphere is electric at the Rose Bowl, with only 20 minutes to go before the game starts.

1800 BST: The coin toss takes place between halves in England's football match, Mahela Jayawardene winning it and deciding to bat first. Tim Bresnan has been handed his England debut in place of Chapple, with Kevin Pietersen back on his home ground.

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