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South Africa vs West Indies
Finished : South Africa won by 257 runs
South Africa
( 50.0 overs )
West Indies
( 33.1 overs )
That is all for today, Hope you all had enjoyed our services, Do join us again for Live coverage of ICC World Cup, 20th Match between New Zealand and Australia at Eden Park, Auckland as on 28th Feb, 2015 at 01:00 GMT, Till then Cheers and Good Bye to all.
Holder: We need to take positives out of this game, We are really confident that we can make it to the quarterfinals, I thought we did pretty well with the ball early on, We dropped chances and we did not make it easy for ourselves, We have experience and we just need to do well.
de Villiers: I am very, very happy with tonight's performance, I am sure they (West Indies) will bounce back, There are quite a few things that played a role in me performing like that today, I think the credit has to go to the guys up front, they set the base for us, I think Rilee inspired me a bit with the way he played today, I came in, he had a lot of intensity going and a lot of energy about him, That sort of affected the way I played as well, I straightaway wanted to get that kind of energy going and after timing a few balls, got a bit of momentum behind me and the rest was history.
Man of the Match - AB de Villiers (South Africa):- Runs:162 - Balls:66 - 4s:17 - 6s:8 - SR:245.45
Stay tuned with us for the presentation.
South Africa won by 257 runs
33.1  Morkel to S.Benn, W, Catch OUT. Back of a length delivery on the off stump, gets an edge to first slip and being good caught by Amla there.
32.6  Steyn to S.Benn, 1, 1 Run. Short of length ball outside off, pull it to mid wicket for single.
32.5  Steyn to S.Benn, 0, No Run. Back of a length delivery on the leg stump, hits on the arm.
Sulieman Benn, comes to the crease.
Drinks - West Indies 150/9 (32.4 ov)
32.4  Steyn to J.Holder, W, Catch OUT. Flighted ball on off side, hit it but ball hit the handle of the bat to mid off and its taken.
32.3  Steyn to J.Holder, 0, No Run. Good length ball on the middle stump, defends it back to the bowler.
32.2  Steyn to J.Holder, 6, SIX. Full of length ball outside off, drives it to cover for maximum.
32.1  Steyn to J.Holder, 0, No Run. Good length delivery on the off side, defends it.
31.6  Morkel to J.Taylor, 2, 2 Runs. Full of length ball on off side, drives it to extra cover for couple of runs.
31.5  Morkel to J.Taylor, 4, FOUR. Good length ball on the off side, drives it between extra cover and long off side for a boundary.
31.4  Morkel to J.Taylor, 0, No Run. Short length bouncer delivery on the stumps, batsman ducks under it.
31.3  Morkel to J.Holder, 1, 1 Run. Good length delivery on the off side, plays it to sweeper cover side for single.
31.2  Morkel to J.Holder, 0, No Run. Flighted ball on off side, looking to defends it but missed.
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