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Sri Lanka vs South Africa
Stumps : Sri Lanka lead by 150 runs with 10 wickets remaining
Sri Lanka
South Africa

  , Steyn to Silva, no run, defends the last ball of the day safely square on the off side
  , Steyn to Silva, no run, short and wide, he lets it climb past
  , Steyn to Silva, no run, left alone as it bounces outside off stump
  , Steyn to Silva, no run, this length ball hits the bat hard at nearly 139 kph, Silva takes a hand off the handle as he keeps it down
  , Steyn to Silva, no run, good length, 135 kph, on off stump, he defends tightly
  , Steyn to Silva, no run, bends forward to defend a full delivery to the off side
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, makes him play with a line just outside off, Tharanga blocks it with a forward push
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, not far from off stump and going away with the angle, Tharanga watches it go past
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, good length ball, this time on the stumps, making him play, Tharanga defends
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, bounces from a good length, same line close to off, he lets it pass
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, bowls it fuller outside off, Tharanga lets it be
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, and once more, he comes forward to defend a good length, and is beaten by the away going angle
  , Steyn to Tharanga, 1 run, not really in control of this 138 kph short ball, but he checks his pull out to deep midwicket
  , Steyn to Tharanga, no run, now he has Tharanga fending at a sharp lifter, that really took off, Tharanga jumps and fends, it falls well short of point
  , Steyn to Tharanga, no run, gets bat on ball now as he plays out a similar delivery to point
  , Steyn to Tharanga, no run, Tharanga is having a tough time out there, now he is beaten as he prods at one leaving him from a good length, that bounced too
  , Steyn to Tharanga, no run, leans forward to a good length delivery and defends to the covers
  , Steyn to Silva, 1 run, opens the face and runs a length ball with the slight away swing to third man
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, short of a good length, he keeps it down from the crease
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, better from Tharanga as he lets it go outside off
  , Philander to Tharanga, FOUR, another edge, this one runs past gully as Tharanga defends from the crease
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, dropped by AB diving across from second slip in front of Amla at first, Philander moves it away from a full length on off, Tharanga was looking to turn it to leg, not sure if it would have carried to first slip
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, jags away from a good length, but easily left on the angle across
  , Philander to Tharanga, no run, good length angling across, decent carry to the keeper as he lets it go
  , Steyn to Silva, no run, Steyn pitches it up on off, he comes forward to defend
  , Steyn to Silva, FOUR, opens the face on one curving away a tad, he's timed that too well for it beats the chasing fielders into the third man rope
  , Steyn to Silva, no run, lifting from a good length, he hauls bat up inside the line, lets it pass
  , Steyn to Silva, no run, moves on to the front foot to a pitched up ball, defends
  , Steyn to Silva, no run, moving away from a good length outside off, he lets it be
  , Steyn to Tharanga, 1 run, good length on the stumps first up, tucked square, they hesitate, then get across for the single
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