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New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
In Progress : Sri Lanka trail by 392 runs with 7 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
New Zealand
( 85.5 overs )
Sri Lanka
( 21.3 overs )

  , Southee to Mathews, no run, bangs in the bouncer towards the batsman who ducks under it
  , Southee to Mathews, no run, right on the off stump from length, Mathews stays back and blocks again
  , Southee to Mathews, no run, back of length and coming in a bit from around off, Mathews defends off the back foot
  , Wagner to Thirimanne, 2 runs, bit of swing away from the batsman for the length delivery outside off, he defends using the straight bat and thick edge goes past point for two more
  , Wagner to Thirimanne, 2 runs, fullish outside off, Thirimanne pushes it down with the full face of the bat and the timing is good enough to just beat mid on and they take two
  , Wagner to Thirimanne, no run, touch short of length outside off with a bit of shape and he defends again
  , Wagner to Thirimanne, no run, straightish length delivery outside off, defends it back
  , Wagner to Thirimanne, 2 runs, coming in this time from length around off stump, he looks to defend and thickish inside edge goes to deep square leg. Oh Wagner slips in his follow through now
  , Wagner to Thirimanne, no run, nearly a yorker on the off stump, blocked into the covers
  , Southee to Mathews, no run, length delivery outside off with some swing, he pushes towards mid off
  , Southee to Mathews, no run, towards middle stump now on length, Mathews blocks it back without moving much
  , Southee to Mathews, no run, on the off stump now on length, Mathews pushes it down to mid off
  , Southee to Mathews, no run, nice away-swinging delivery from length outside off, Mathews leans towards it and blocks
  , Southee to Thirimanne, 1 run, length delivery outside off, pushed into the covers for a quick single
  , Southee to Thirimanne, no run, inswinging delivery into the batsman from middle stump, pushed down to mid on
  , Wagner to Mathews, no run, back of length just outside off and he shoulders arms
  , Wagner to Mathews, no run, nice delivery coming in from length outside off, Mathews blocks it back
  , Wagner to Mathews, no run, straighter and closer to off stump on length, pushed towards mid on
  , Wagner to Mathews, no run, length delivery angled across from outside off, left alone
  , Wagner to Mathews, (no ball) 2 runs, fullish outside off now and that's been driven through the covers for two, no ball for overstepping
  , Wagner to Mathews, no run, the bat's gone flying on the leg side! The back of length delivery came in sharply with some bounce and as Mathews defended awkwardly on the leg side, the bat slipped out of his hands towards midwicket
  , Wagner to Thirimanne, 1 run, nearly in the blockhole outside off, he digs it out and takes a quick single
  , Craig to Mathews, no run, flighted and full on middle stump, he blocks it on the leg side and that's lunch
  , Craig to Thirimanne, 3 runs, going towards leg again, he deflects it fine off the pads down leg and Wagner slides near the boundary to save one
  , Craig to Thirimanne, no run, appeal for caught behind down leg for the flatter and shorter delivery, umpire says now. Was probably off the thigh pad
  , Craig to Thirimanne, no run, flighted and full on the stumps, Thirimanne presses forward and blocks
  , Craig to Thirimanne, no run, flighted on length outside off with some turn, he lets it go
  , Craig to Thirimanne, no run, strays down leg on length, tucked behind square leg
  , Wagner to Thirimanne, 1 run, short ball coming in, he goes on his toes and defends awkwardly behind square on leg
  , Wagner to Thirimanne, no run, right in the block hole on off with some inswing, he blocks it out pretty well
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