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England vs India
Finished : England won by 266 runs

  , Ali to Pankaj Singh, OUT, six-for! England are in a huddle, they have ended a drought of ten Tests without a win! Again another Indian batsman plays inside the line of a Moeen offspinner, ball crashes into off stump and that's all she wrote. The five-match series is back on even ground
  , Ali to Pankaj Singh, no run, lovely tossed up delivery outside off, drummed back to the bowler
  , Ali to Pankaj Singh, FOUR, long hop from Moeen and Pankaj has deposited it to the midwicket boundary. Help yourself stuff from the offspinner
  , Ali to Pankaj Singh, FOUR, tossed up and allows him a full swing of the arms, Pankaj takes it up and slogs it wide of mid-on. He's not looking to hang around
  , Woakes to Rahane, FOUR, fifty to Rahane. Stepped down and drilled a cover drive through the gap. Got nicely on top of the bounce to a shortish ball as Woakes tried to outsmart him. Timed to perfection.
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, width outside off and he thought he had the opportunity for a fifty. Looks for the slash and is beaten. Poor bloke, he has looked so solid until the lower order crumbled around him
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, fuller ball which straightens a touch outside off, Rahane gets the outside edge but he never plays with hard hands so it drops well short of Cook at first slip
  , Woakes to Pankaj Singh, 1 run, off the mark! This was a good length ball a little too straight and he tucks it past mid-on
  , Woakes to Pankaj Singh, no run, England go up as Pankaj takes evasive action. This was back of a length and angled in on off stump. The tailender had pulled his eyes off the ball and looks very awkward as the ball kisses the arm guard
  , Woakes to Pankaj Singh, no run, fuller and a touch outside off, Pankaj taps it into the off side and tries to scamper across, as is his job, but there is no single there
  , Ali to Rahane, FOUR, six men in the infield, so Rahane gets down on one knee and heaves it over square leg. Lovely strike, but that means England and Woakes have six balls at the No.11's poster boy Pankaj Singh
  , Ali to Rahane, FOUR, swept away and he will find a boundary in front of square leg. Had to reach out as far as he could to find the gap
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, stays back to block a length ball that doesn't really turn
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, steps forward to one a touch fuller and outside off to defend
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, gets in line with a flatter ball outside off
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, touch flatter on middle, Rahane pushes down the pitch
  , Woakes to Rahane, 1 run, steps down to a short of a good length ball and taps it through the covers. The fielder ushers it all the way to the boundary to persuade the Indians to take more than one, but they dont
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, fishes outside Rahane's off stump, or at least just trying to keep him at this end. Rahane leaves
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, banged in, but Rahane has pulled it around to long leg but refuses the single
  , Woakes to Rahane, 2 runs, full on off stump, Rahane realises defending is of no use and carves this over point. Couple to retain strike
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, back of a length and just a touch outside off, blocked into the covers
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, full and angled in on off stump, pushed down to mid-on
  , Ali to Mohammed Shami, OUT, five-for! And a what a beaut to get it! This is pitched on a good length and didn't turn too much, just enough, at Shami, who was backing away trying to defend. The momentum takes him too far away from the ball and it has a clear path to the stumps
  , Ali to Mohammed Shami, no run, flighted on off stump, to keep all four men behind the bat interested. Gets an outside edge past gully
  , Ali to Rahane, 1 run, lovely drive from Rahane and he has enough confidence to take the single wide of mid-off
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, defended as he reaches for the tossed up ball outside off
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, tossed up on middle and off, Rahane is forward to keep it out
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, gets back and pushes a length ball down the ground
  , Woakes to Mohammed Shami, no run, must have misinterpreted Rahane's instructions as he stands and smashes through cover. Miles of daylight between bat and ball
  , Woakes to Rahane, 1 run, steps forward and nurdles this shorter ball through square leg. Only a single so Rahane can take strike in the next over. Goes up to talk to his partner and gives Shami an encouraging punch on the shoulder
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