Live Cricket Scores
India vs South Africa
Lunch : India won the toss and elected to bat
( 27 overs )
South Africa

  , Elgar to Kohli, no run,
  , Elgar to Pujara, 1 run, fullish outside off, Pujara goes back and drives to the sweeper cover
  , Elgar to Kohli, 1 run, and again, a repeat of the previous delivery. Slow short delivery outside off, Kohli rocks back and pulls for an easy run
  , Elgar to Pujara, 1 run, slow short rank long-hop outside off, Pujara waits and then waits some more, and then pulls to deep square leg
  , Morkel to Kohli, no run, fullish outside off, moving away just a little. Pushed into the off side
  , Morkel to Kohli, no run, good length on a fifth-stump line, gets behind the line to defend with a lot of intent
  , Morkel to Kohli, FOUR, finds the gap and that will be four. All timing on that. Fullish outside off and Kohli times this beautifully yet again through cover. Off the middle of the bat
  , Morkel to Kohli, no run, pitches and moves away, Kohli comes down a little and squeezes it out towards point
  , Morkel to Kohli, 1 no ball, full delivery outside off, driven to mid-off. Morkel oversteps and immediately apologises
  , Morkel to Kohli, 2 runs, playing away from his body! Full and moving away outside off, Kohli pushes at that away and gets the gap through extra cover. Kohli wants the third but Pujara isn't the quickest
  , Morkel to Kohli, no run, good length but way too wide, Kohli chooses to leave. Could have been put away
  , Harmer to Pujara, no run, flat on middle, blocked
  , Harmer to Kohli, 1 run, better delivery, fullish on middle and leg, Kohli works this fine off middle stump to fine leg. AB makes a diving stop and a quick return to prevent the second
  , Harmer to Kohli, no run, another delivery that is too full, almost a yorker. Kept out
  , Harmer to Pujara, 1 run, too full again on leg, Pujara easily gets behind the line and clips to deep midwiclket
  , Harmer to Kohli, 1 run, low full toss outside off, drilled to long-on
  , Harmer to Pujara, 1 run, Pujara in his element at the moment, skips down the track and whips to long-on with the spin
  , Morkel to Kohli, no run, terrific over from Morkel. Good length outside off, this time Kohli says no and leaves from his crease
  , Morkel to Kohli, no run, there is that plan to Kohli almost working. outside off, and moving away from Kohli who naughtily flirts at that and is beaten.
  , Morkel to Kohli, no run, nice bowling, full on off, keeping Kohli guessing as to which direction this ball is moving. Kohli gets behind the line of this and defends
  , Morkel to Kohli, no run, short length on middle, Kohli hangs back and plays this out towards square leg
  , Morkel to Kohli, no run, too full now outside off, driven with the angle to mid-on. A good straight bat and high elbow from VK
  , Morkel to Kohli, no run, inside edge. A thick one. Kohli plays slightly around this one. Full length tailing back in to off.
  , Harmer to Pujara, no run, 96 ks, too quick and short on off, pushed back to the bowler who feigns a throw eliciting a huge roar from the crowd
  , Harmer to Pujara, no run, fuller outside off, Pujara plays with the spin to the leg side
  , Harmer to Pujara, no run, clipped into the leg side
  , Harmer to Pujara, no run, short on leg from over the wicket, Pujara tucks this into short leg's arm and the ball ricochets on the bounce to leg slip
  , Harmer to Kohli, 1 run, too full on leg, Kohli nudges this off his pads to deep midwicket
  , Harmer to Kohli, no run, shortish, just about gets to VK who is very early on the shot and pushes to midwicket awkwardly
  , Morkel to Kohli, 1 run, full on a fifth-stump line, a thick inside edge rolls to fine leg for Vk's first run
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