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England vs India
Stumps : India trail by 544 runs with 9 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 163.4 overs )
( 14 overs )

  , Woakes to Vijay, no run, good length ball, with a little bit of curl away. Vijay dead bats it and walks off
  , Woakes to Vijay, no run, doesn't make him play again, but the keeper is getting a good workout. Has to collect this over his head
  , Woakes to Vijay, no run, back of a length, great carry but it's only a spectacle as the batsman leaves it well outside off
  , Woakes to Vijay, no run, full and straightens after pitching, Vijay is squared up but is able to keep it out. Almost played across the line there
  , Woakes to Vijay, no run, just short of a good length but still wide enough outside off for Vijay to hold his bat in his backlift
  , Woakes to Vijay, no run, gets the away swinger working again as he hits a fuller length outside off, Vijay won't be tempted
  , Anderson to Pujara, no run, back of a length and outside off, Pujara was tempted but his better sense caught up with him just in time
  , Anderson to Pujara, no run, good length ball nipping in at him, Pujara's straight blade answers strongly
  , Anderson to Pujara, no run, easy leave for Pujara who is concentrating so very hard, judged this to be outside off from the outset
  , Anderson to Pujara, no run, how solid was that! Straight face of the blade meeting a fuller ball on middle and off.
  , Anderson to Pujara, no run, and the indipper sets him up for the fuller ball across the right-hander. Gets the edge as Pujara pushes at it, but it falls short of the slips
  , Anderson to Pujara, no run, ripper from around the wicket! This began angling across him and then jagged back in after pitching. Pujara is cut in half as it clips the thigh pad. Too high for a leg before and no bat for the caught behind
  , Jordan to Pujara, 1 run, fuller on off stump, Pujara is content on the back foot and dabs it into the covers
  , Jordan to Pujara, 2 runs, steaky! There was gap between bat and pad as Pujara faces up one angled in at him and pitched short of a length. Inside edge wanders away to deep fine leg
  , Jordan to Pujara, no run, sucker ball well wide of off stump, Pujara is forward and leaves it well alone
  , Jordan to Pujara, no run, pushes the batsman back again and Pujara is comfortable there as he blocks
  , Jordan to Pujara, no run, back of a length and around the off stump, seems to be thudding into the bat as Pujara defends off the back foot
  , Jordan to Pujara, no run, awful delivery, he's bowled three of those already, Miles down leg and Buttler does extemely well to run across and dive to his left. Think it slipped out of his hands, inspects the fingers on this follow through
  , Anderson to Vijay, no run, his discipline outside off wavers! This was a good length ball, possibly what drew him into playing. And then the away movement beats the outside edge
  , Anderson to Pujara, 1 run, switches around the wicket and angles this shortish ball across Pujara, snares the outside edge but it hits ground before reaching third slip
  , Anderson to Pujara, no run, back of a length and outside off, Pujara has an easier leave
  , Anderson to Pujara, no run, back of a length and zips through to ram into the shoulder of the bat. The outside edge falls short of the cordon as Pujara softened his grip
  , Anderson to Pujara, no run, gimme the outside edge, Anderson says with a fuller ball curling away. Pujara isn't so gracious
  , Anderson to Pujara, no run, plays late and from the crease as he tucks a short of a length ball into the on side. Very calm is Pujara
  , Jordan to Vijay, 4 byes, sneaks off past Buttler who can't get low enough to gather this. Poor line from Jordan to end the over as he bowls down leg again
  , Jordan to Vijay, no run, shortish and nibbling away just a touch, Vijay doesn't have to play because it's outside off
  , Jordan to Vijay, no run, another one off target as a short ball slips down leg
  , Jordan to Vijay, no run, on the pads, Vijay tries to pick it off but misses out. Back of a length delivery off target
  , Jordan to Vijay, no run, goes a touch fuller on middle, Vijay blocks resolutely
  , Jordan to Vijay, no run, back of a length and straightens, Vijay defends with an open face
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