Live Cricket Scores
England vs Pakistan
In Progress : England won the toss and elected to bat
( 13 overs )

  , Anwar Ali to Vince, no run, on the stumps, maybe a fraction slower, clipped to midwicket
  , Anwar Ali to Vince, no run, good length outside off, punched back towards mid-off
  , Anwar Ali to Vince, 2 runs, Vince is on strike and he picks a slower ball, chops it through backward point for a couple
  , Anwar Ali to Billings, OUT, wafts across the line, top-edged into the night sky... and it's brilliantly taken by Umar Akmal running back towards midwicket! Actually, it was somewhat flukily taken, the ball popping out of the hands but he managed to cradle it against his shoulder and hold on. Pakistan all over England
  , Anwar Ali to Billings, FOUR, drops short and Billings spanks a pull to midwicket, such fast hands and he gets it into a gap
  , Anwar Ali to Billings, no run, shortish outside off, Billings runs the ball towards backward point
  , Shahid Afridi to Billings, 1 run, gives it some air, comes forward and punches one to long-off
  , Shahid Afridi to Billings, no run, skidding on with the arm, topspinner from Afridi and Billings gets a bit of inside edge on it before the ball thumps the pads
  , Shahid Afridi to Vince, 1 run, on the stumps and flicked into to the leg side
  , Shahid Afridi to Vince, no run, outside off, goes back and dabs the ball to short third man
  , Shahid Afridi to Vince, 1 wide, googly, I think, down the leg side, maybe flicked the pad again
  , Shahid Afridi to Vince, 2 runs, goes inside out, lofted over extra cover, it's got more height than distance but lands safely
  , Shahid Afridi to Billings, 1 run, tossed up and turned to the leg side
  , Mohammad Irfan to Vince, no run, well bowled again, cuts his fingers over it again, there's visible deviation as Vince pokes forward and misses
  , Mohammad Irfan to Billings, 1 run, goes back and across and runs a single through backward point
  , Mohammad Irfan to Billings, no run, past the outside edge, big appeal...! A brilliantly executed cutter from Irfan, don't think it flicked the bat, though
  , Mohammad Irfan to Vince, OUT, Vince pulls and the ball loops up off the glove, behind square and Buttler calls for a quick single... but he's beaten by a direct hit from Rizwan! Pakistan have another, they're running around cock-a-hoop. Buttler dived full length but Rizwan reacted so quickly he was a foot away from being in
  , Mohammad Irfan to Vince, 2 runs, back of a length outside off and swatted away through the covers for a couple
  , Mohammad Irfan to Vince, no run, short outside off, flat-footed swing and a miss
  , Shoaib Malik to Vince, 1 leg bye, a big lbw appeal from Malik, the batsman coming forward and playing around the ball, hit on the knee flap... deflects away and Vince survives, might have been high
  , Shoaib Malik to Buttler, 1 run, on the stumps, Buttler works the ball through the leg side
  , Shoaib Malik to Vince, 1 run, drops into the crease and tucks a single to square leg
  , Shoaib Malik to Vince, 1 wide, angled on the pads, must have flicked a strap on its away behind the legs, Rizwan taking it but no wide
  , Shoaib Malik to Buttler, 1 run, goes back and flicks one away on the leg side
  , Shoaib Malik to Buttler, no run, over the wicket, flighted around off stump and he attempts to reverse sweep, turns him to hit him on the thigh
  , Shoaib Malik to Morgan, OUT, bowled him, turned past the defensive shot to hit middle and leg! Another first-ball wicket, Malik pumps his arms in delight... That was almost identical to Morgan's dismissal in the third ODI, on this ground, tossed up and straightening
  , Anwar Ali to Morgan, 1 run, pushed across on a length, Morgan steers it through the covers
  , Anwar Ali to Morgan, 2 runs, launched over midwicket again, powerful cross-batted shot into space, between two fielders for a couple
  , Anwar Ali to Morgan, no run, Morgan advances again and it's a good response from Anwar, digs it in even shorter, at the batsman and he has to take evasive action
  , Anwar Ali to Vince, 1 run, shortish, backs away and pulls a single to long-on
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