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Australia vs England
In Progress : England lead by 6 runs with 5 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 36.4 overs )
( 30.5 overs )

  , Johnson to Stokes, OUT,
  , Johnson to Stokes, no run, works a length delivery into the leg side
  , Johnson to Bairstow, OUT, what a delivery! That's a ripper from Johnson - 300 wickets! Blimey, that was fierce. A short ball targeted at the body and Bairstow could only fend it off the top glove, no getting out of the way of that. Pace and direction from Johnson. Well,well.
  , Johnson to Root, 1 run, short of a length on leg stump, flicked squarer into the leg side this time and deep square gets around
  , Johnson to Root, FOUR, full and straight, delightfully flicked away through straight midwicket - nice way for Root to start his day
  , Hazlewood to Bairstow, no run, full outside off, good carry through to Nevill as he takes it at waist height on the rise
  , Hazlewood to Bairstow, no run, tucked into the leg side
  , Hazlewood to Bairstow, FOUR, England into the lead! Full and wide, Bairstow drives it sweetly square of the wicket through point...slightly on the up, but very well controlled
  , Hazlewood to Bairstow, no run, on middle and off, defended towards the on side
  , Hazlewood to Bairstow, no run, this one is fuller at off stump, driven firmly to mid-off
  , Hazlewood to Bairstow, no run, lovely start, in the channel outside off with a hint of movement away to beat Bairstow's edge
  , Starc to Root, no run, pokes and withdraws at the length delivery outside the off stump. That teasing line and length
  , Starc to Bairstow, 1 run, solid forward defence into the covers off the front foot for a quick single and he's off the mark
  , Starc to Bairstow, no run, well outside off with the angle and he leaves it for the keeper
  , Starc to Bairstow, no run, on target on the off stump now, Bairstow defends it back
  , Starc to Bairstow, no run, touch shorter and outside off again, left alone
  , Starc to Bairstow, no run, angles it across from outside off, Bairstow lets it go
  , Lyon to Root, no run, goes back towards off now and defends the ball back to Lyon
  , Lyon to Root, no run, goes back and across to work it to leg, can't clear short leg
  , Lyon to Bell, OUT, Lyon's done it again, gets Bell this time! What has done Bell here, he came down the track to whack that down the ground, but Lyon pitched it shorter with some flight and Bell got a leading edge high in the air. Warner had just enough time to get under it running backwards from short midwicket
  , Lyon to Bell, no run, presses forward a bit and defends the turning ball to midwicket
  , Lyon to Root, 1 run, shorter on middle and leg and Root goes back to tuck it behind square with the turn for one
  , Lyon to Root, no run, on length on off, Root blocks it back
  , Starc to Bell, 2 runs, short ball outside off, he rocks back to pull it to deep midwicket and calls for two
  , Starc to Bell, no run, bit of room outside off again, drives it gently into the covers
  , Starc to Bell, no run, errs past the batsman down the leg side this time
  , Starc to Bell, FOUR, some room outside off and Bell is looking so good now that he doesn't even have to reach out for it, drives that beautifully through the covers for his fifty
  , Starc to Bell, no run, covers his stumps and defends the incoming delivery back to Starc
  , Starc to Bell, no run, angles it in with a hint of swing towards the batsman, Bell lets it go
  , Hazlewood to Root, no run, this one's wider outside off, left alone easily
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