Live Cricket Scores
India vs South Africa
Stumps : South Africa trail by 204 runs with 8 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 78.2 overs )
South Africa
( 9 overs )

  , Jadeja to Amla, no run,
  , Jadeja to Amla, no run, outside edge but does not carry. Soft hands though, keeping the ball down towards slip. Good delivery
  , Jadeja to Elgar, 1 run, shortish on leg, clipped to square leg for a single
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, too full outside off, pushed to mid-on
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, a bit fast on off, Elgar goes back to defend
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, shortish on middle, whipped to midwicket
  , Ashwin to Amla, no run, shortish down leg, Amla stays in his crease and tries to flick but good for him that he did not with all the close-in fielders, the ball lobs up off the keeper's gloves. Some excitement but no bat
  , Ashwin to Amla, no run, too much flight and too full outside off, defended watchfully under his eyes
  , Ashwin to Elgar, 1 run, he gets the run now. Slow through the air on off, a thick outside edge rolls past gully towards backward point for a single
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, faster again on middle, defended
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, quicker on middle, turned to mid-on
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, beautifully bowled, lovely pace and drift, hangs in the air and pitches on off, pushed towards second slip where Kohli dives to stop
  , Jadeja to Amla, no run, too full on off, Amla displays good technique to get to the pitch with a good stride to defend
  , Jadeja to Imran Tahir, OUT, all at sea and Tahir is cleaned up. Pitches on middle and spins a touch with the angle, takes out off stump. Not much turn but he is a tailender for a reason. Misses completely. And the off stump is taken out.
  , Jadeja to Elgar, 1 run, 88 kph, flatter on leg, lots of spin, worked away with the spin towards square leg
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, flat on leg, whipped with the angle towards the leg side
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, clipped to short fine leg
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, massive appeal. But rightly not been given. Flat outside off, Elgar gets beaten but tis truck outside off, and the ball may have not even hit the stumps
  , Ashwin to Imran Tahir, no run, internal joy continues, the over is done! He survives. Flight on off, tahir gets forward and blocks
  , Ashwin to Imran Tahir, no run, nicely defended. Fullish outside off, blocked with a lot of intent and happiness
  , Ashwin to Imran Tahir, no run, tossed up outside off, driven back to the bowler
  , Ashwin to Imran Tahir, no run, lots of excitement here. Kohli thinks he has him. That is close. Fullish outside off, Tahir is beaten outside off and Saha whips off the bails. Is he on the line? Is there something behind that? Has he grounded a part of foot? Too much doubt to be given and Tahir survives. Seemed the right decision being a highly marginal call
  , Ashwin to Imran Tahir, FOUR, ooh, runs! Tossed up on off and middle, Tahir gets down early and sweeps through square leg for four
  , Ashwin to Imran Tahir, no run, shortish outside off, spins back in as he defends after going deep in his crease
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, slightly quicker but sliding down leg, Elgar gets his feet to the line and awkwardly keeps it out. He won't care about technique at this stage of the day
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run,
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, uppishly driven with the spin to mid-on. Good pace here from jadeja
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, clipped to square leg
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, shortish on leg, Elgar gets struck on the pad after getting beaten on the inside edge
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, wow, that is some turn. Lands on off, and goes down leg.
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