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England vs India
In Progress : India trail by 355 runs with 5 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 163.4 overs )
( 68 overs )

  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, plays from the crease as a fuller delivery is turned away into the leg side and he trots off for some Earl Grey
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, on a good length on middle, kept out resolutely
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, shortish and outside off, Rahane will not be lured
  , Woakes to Rahane, 2 runs, angled in at him from wide of the crease, Rahane works it to his advantage as he clips it towards the fine leg boundary
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, good length and a touch outside off, Rahane holsters his weapon
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, just short of a good length and outside off, not bothered with
  , Ali to Dhoni, no run, lunges forward to defend a flighted delivery on off stump
  , Ali to Dhoni, no run, shortish and a shade outside off, Dhoni looks to whip it with those wrists but mistimes it back down the pitch
  , Ali to Dhoni, no run, digs out a really full delivery from off stump back at the bowler
  , Ali to Dhoni, 2 runs, taps it away through the vacant point region and rushes across for a couple
  , Ali to Sharma, OUT, how abominably awful! He is bent over his bat at the crease, depicting poignant disappointment but this was a seriously poor shot. Came down and lifted a tame delivery right down mid-off's throat when England were trying to give their main bowlers a breather. And tea was barely five minutes away
  , Ali to Sharma, no run, gives it a lot of air outside off, gets a little drift away as well. Defended
  , Woakes to Sharma, 1 run, tucked into the midwicket region for a quick single. Too easy to play off the back foot
  , Woakes to Sharma, no run, back of a length and outside off, far more tighter in technique as he leaves it well alone
  , Woakes to Sharma, FOUR, leans into a cover drive and away it scurries.... behind him past the stumps and to the fine leg boundary. Played a little too far away from the body
  , Woakes to Sharma, no run, goes wide of the crease but he hasn't angled it in sharp enough to make Rohit play
  , Woakes to Sharma, no run, digs one in around the off stump, Rohit defuses it with soft hands
  , Woakes to Sharma, no run, full and a shade outside off, but close enough to bring Rohit forward to defend
  , Ali to Sharma, 1 run, this time he's clipped to the right of mid-on to rush forth for a single
  , Ali to Sharma, no run, nudged down to mid-on as Ali keeps tossing the ball up
  , Ali to Sharma, no run, flighted outside off, kept out safely
  , Ali to Sharma, no run, looped up around off stump to drag the batsman forward, Rohit almost closes the face too early trying to keep the ball down
  , Ali to Sharma, no run, tossed up outside off, lunges forward to block
  , Ali to Sharma, no run, ripped from outside off and skidded on a touch quicker for Rohit to counter it. Gets a big inside edge onto pad to foil the appeal
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, good length ball probing a few inches outside off, Rahane shoulders arms
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, fuller and a touch of shape away, Rahane does not play
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, solid straight bat again as Woakes floats the ball nice and full at the stumps
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, and when his off stump is threatened with a full delivery, he brings down a straight face
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, that's the line that had him in trouble in the last Woakes over, back of a length and outside off. This time Rahane ensures his bat is well away from the line of the ball
  , Woakes to Rahane, no run, full and outside off, Rahane leans into a drive to cover, but has got it off the bottom of the bat
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