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Sri Lanka vs New Zealand
Finished : Sri Lanka won by 34 runs
Sri Lanka
( 50 overs )
New Zealand
( 45.2 overs )

  , Prasanna to McClenaghan, OUT, gets down the track before the spin away from him means he is forced to edge it away behind square. The gully sees this quickly as he runs across to pickup and fire in a throw as Sangakkara is able to remove the stump before the batsman made the striker's end
  , Prasanna to Mills, 1 run, drifts one in from outside off which is steered away through deep midwicket
  , Kulasekara to McClenaghan, FOUR, 122 kph, all welcome boundaries here as McClenaghan gets away a chop-on past the keeper to get four through the fine leg region
  , Kulasekara to McClenaghan, no run, 124 kph, ends up striking this back of a length back at the bowler, who is able to cut it off after misfielding initally
  , Kulasekara to Mills, 1 run, 125 kph, close to getting it into the blockhole as Mills mistimes this drive down to long on
  , Kulasekara to Mills, FOUR, 125 kph, looks like he may have just slammed this straight down long off's throat, but gets this more straighter to find the boundary
  , Kulasekara to Mills, 2 runs, 123 kph, fuller one which is chipped over long off by Mills as he is able to come back for two once more
  , Kulasekara to Mills, 2 runs, 120 kph, looking to land another yorker but gets it wrong as Mills just bludgeons this full toss over long-off, but not well enough to beat the boundary rider on the rope
  , Prasanna to Mills, 1 run, worked away off the back foot down to long on to finish the over
  , Prasanna to Mills, 2 runs, guided down to the fielder at long off as they are able to complete a brace
  , Prasanna to Mills, no run, able to successfully dig out this flighted one on middle
  , Prasanna to McClenaghan, 1 run, able to ease one away through long on as they complete a single
  , Prasanna to McClenaghan, no run, gets forward before striking this firmly at mid-off
  , Prasanna to McClenaghan, no run, able to fend away this delivery arriving on leg, as the ball is hit away to the off side
  , Perera to Mills, FOUR, 132 kph, gives up a loose delivery which just sits up for Mills outside his off stump as he carves this away ferociously to find the extra-cover rope
  , Perera to Mills, SIX, 131 kph, Mills getting in some batting practice before the World Cup as he waits on this short ball about chest height before dispatching it about 30 rows back over fine leg
  , Perera to Southee, OUT, 130 kph, and the ninth wicket falls as Southee perishes with a miscued, top-edge which flies high over to Sangakkara as he went for the pull, but the bat rotated in his hands to offer up this straightforward chance. NZ now staring down the barrel as SL look to wrap it up here in Wellington
  , Perera to Mills, 1 run, 131 kph, goes over the wicket now as this time Mills is able to blast away off the back foot to deep cover
  , Perera to Mills, 2 runs, 133 kph, full and on middle as this is drilled straight to the boundary rider at deep extra-cover
  , Perera to Mills, 2 runs, 132 kph, full delivery going across Southee as this is driven on the full to long off
  , Prasanna to Southee, no run, able to squirt away this fuller one tossed up on off, but straight to the cover fielder
  , Prasanna to Mills, 1 run, strikes the front pad of the batsman, but going down leg, as this rolls away to the leg side
  , Prasanna to Southee, 1 run, able to steer this one past the bowler through extra-cover
  , Prasanna to Southee, no run, flighted on middle and off as this is defended back to the bowler
  , Prasanna to Vettori, OUT, excellent flighted delivery from Prasanna which dupes Vettori as he played down the wrong line, with the ball going through the legs to find the stumps behind. The Sri Lankans have a few parting words for Vettori as he goes, with NZ sliding to 218 for 8 now
  , Prasanna to Vettori, no run, full from the spinner as Vettori is late on the sweep, getting an inside-edge onto the pad
  , Eranga to Mills, no run, 131 kph, ends with a lovely back of a length outside off which nibbles away upon pitching
  , Eranga to Mills, no run, 128 kph, fended away to the off side as point comes into play
  , Eranga to Vettori, 1 run, 131 kph, content to just glide this length delivery outside off to the fielder at third man
  , Eranga to Mills, 1 run, 130 kph, onto the front foot as this is steered away behind square on the off side
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