Live Cricket Scores
India vs Australia
Day 4 : Australia require another 110 runs with 9 wickets remaining

  , I Sharma to Watson, no run, short ball first up, angling in. Watson ducks under it, taking his eyes off the ball
  , I Sharma to Warner, OUT, got him, that is an absolute beauty. Angled in, straightens from a fourth-stump line. Warner hopes across to defend, he's squared up and Dhoni pouches an easy catch off the outside edge
  , I Sharma to Warner, 1 no ball, pings him on the pad with a ball angled in sharply, back of a length. Warner is on the hop when it hits him. Was looking to work it across into the on side
  , Yadav to Rogers, 2 runs, back of a length, a bit of width outside off, punched firmly to the left of Rohit at point
  , Yadav to Warner, 3 runs, back of a length outside off and Warner steers it away behind point. You can see he's in pain by the fact that his bottom hand came off the handle as he played the shot. Rips his glove off after completing the run
  , Yadav to Warner, no run, back of a length, angling towards off stump. Warner stabs at it and it's off the outside half of the bat towards backward point
  , Yadav to Warner, 2 runs, comes forward to the length ball outside off, looks to drive on the up. Checks his shot for the extra bounce and pops it in the air wide of cover
  , Yadav to Warner, no run, lbw appeal, not given. He shuffled across to pull and it kept a bit low. He was on the hop and it hit him high on the pad, and it might have pitched outside leg too
  , Yadav to Warner, no run, good ball. Angled across, back of a length. Warner is beaten, pushing at it away from his body. He moved across, but a little late
  , I Sharma to Rogers, no run, back of a length, angling towards middle and off. Warner shuffles across and defends towards short midwicket
  , I Sharma to Rogers, no run, length ball on off stump. Rogers hops back and across and defends towards point
  , I Sharma to Rogers, FOUR, full and wide, and that is crunched away through cover. Good stride out and he scythed his bat through the ball
  , I Sharma to Rogers, FOUR, shuffles across now and Ishant serves up a shortish ball on leg stump. Tickles it away gratefully to the fine leg boundary
  , I Sharma to Rogers, no run, back of a length, angling away from Rogers. Left alone
  , I Sharma to Rogers, no run, shortish down the leg side. Rogers shuffles across to tuck it away fine, doesn't get bat on it
  , Yadav to Warner, no run, short ball, Warner is a touch too early into the pull. Doesn't get up as high as expected and it smacks him in the midriff
  , Yadav to Rogers, 1 run, back of a length on a fourth-stump line, pushed off the back foot towards cover
  , Yadav to Warner, 1 run, back of a length, movement in towards off stump, keeps low. Warner jabs his bat down in a hurry and it's off the inside edge towards long leg
  , Yadav to Warner, no run, whoa. Extra bounce from a fairly full length. Warner comes forward to defend outside off and it climbs and hits him on the bottom hand, bounces away towards gully. It's hurt him, here. Hit him flush on the thumb, and he has his glove off and he's called for the physio
  , Yadav to Warner, no run, full, swinging in towards middle and leg, tucked away carefully to short midwicket
  , Yadav to Warner, no run, back of a length on off stump. Warner goes back and across and blocks it back towards the bowler
  , I Sharma to Rogers, no run, back of a length on off stump and Rogers hops across to defend
  , I Sharma to Rogers, no run, length ball, fourth stump, slanting away, left alone
  , I Sharma to Rogers, no run, this one's angled across in an exaggerated way, and Rogers leaves comfortably
  , I Sharma to Rogers, no run, beaten again. Fuller this time, a touch wider, and Rogers pushes at it with no footwork
  , I Sharma to Rogers, no run, beauty. Length ball on off stump, lots of bounce through to Dhoni after it beats Roger's defensive prod. Wasn't playing away from his body there
  , I Sharma to Rogers, no run, length ball, angling away from off stump. Rogers leaves it alone
  , Johnson to Yadav, OUT, and that is that. Again, it's full and wide, again Yadav goes for the big drive, again it moves away off the pitch. This time he edges it through to Haddin
  , Johnson to Yadav, no run, full and wide again, again it moves away late. Umesh goes for the booming drive through cover, can't connect
  , Johnson to Yadav, no run, full, straightens a touch outside off. Umesh pokes and misses
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