Live Cricket Scores
New Zealand vs England
Stumps : England won the toss and elected to field
New Zealand
( 65 overs )

  , Wood to Craig, no run, an appeal for a catch down the leg side, sounded like pad, Craig survives
  , Wood to Craig, no run, round the wicket, short of a length down the leg side
  , Wood to Craig, no run, a bouncer over middle stump, he ducks
  , Wood to Craig, no run, beats the edge again, not so full this time, angled across Craig
  , Wood to Craig, no run, good follow-up from Wood, pushed across full outside off and beats a flat-footed drive
  , Wood to Craig, no run, nearly fended to short leg, a good short ball and Craig took his eyes of it, jabbed it towards Ballance but it didn't carry
  , Stokes to Henry, no run, fired in full, takes the pad
  , Stokes to Henry, no run, short over off stump, he sways out of the line
  , Stokes to Henry, 2 runs, low full toss, comes off a thick edge through gully
  , Stokes to Henry, FOUR, he's creamed that! Crunches a short-of-a-length delivery through straight midwicket with a vicious flat-batted pull stroke. Barely time to blink before that crashed into the hoardings
  , Stokes to Henry, no run, punched off the back foot to the covers
  , Stokes to Henry, FOUR, short of a length outside off, has a wild swing and the top flies over the slips
  , Wood to Craig, no run, short of a length, driven in the air but doesn't carry to mid-off
  , Wood to Craig, no run, short, over his head
  , Wood to Craig, no run, well bowled, short of a length at the body, played somewhat unconvincingly as it pops off his gloves
  , Wood to Craig, no run, short of a length on off stump, 86mph, defended back to the bowler
  , Wood to Craig, no run, bouncer over leg stump, ducked
  , Wood to Craig, no run, full outside off, driven into the ground and bounces to Ballance at short leg...crowd catch
  , Stokes to Henry, no run, short from round the wicket, Henry flaps at it but is nowhere near making contact
  , Stokes to Craig, 1 leg bye, very full, angled into leg stumps, takes the pad behind square
  , Stokes to Craig, no run, a strangled appeal for lbw as this full delivery thuds into the pads but it's slanting down the leg side
  , Stokes to Craig, no run, good delivery, short of a length, angles into the left hander from round the wicket and beats the edge
  , Stokes to Craig, no run, back of a length, defended to the covers
  , Stokes to Craig, no run, round the wicket, full at off stump, driven back to the bowler
  , Wood to Henry, FOUR, full and wide, now Henry drives powerfully and rockets the ball to the deep point boundary
  , Wood to Henry, no run, full at leg stump, flicked to mid-on
  , Wood to Henry, no run, back of a length, straight, defended to the off side
  , Wood to Craig, 1 run, the batsman crossed, so Craig is on strike and drives a full ball into the off side
  , Wood to Southee, OUT, another wicket for a short ball! Lyth takes a catch on his home ground in front of the Western Terrace. Banged in short by Wood, the trap was set, and Southee couldn't resist. Neither could he keep it down, or get the distance to clear the boundary at deep square leg
  , Wood to Southee, no run, full outside off, swinging away and Southee chases it with a booming drive but only finds fresh air
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