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Australia vs New Zealand
Finished : New Zealand won by 1 wicket (with 161 balls remaining)
( 32.2 overs )
New Zealand
( 23.1 overs )

  , Cummins to Williamson, SIX, KW has done it, slams a six straight down the ground! Made room by exposing all his stumps, got a full delivery in the groove and tonked it over long on. Mid on was in for some reason and he pumped the air even before the ball reached the boundary. Learn from this man how to perform under pressure
  , Starc to Boult, no run, oh, this is too wide outside off and Boult leaves it easily
  , Starc to Boult, no run, straight delivery on middle and leg, Boult defends it back carefully after covering his stumps
  , Starc to Southee, OUT, GONE, Starc's on fire! He knows how to bowl those yorkers, doesn't he! Targets the off stump, Southee tries to put it away on the leg side but it's too quick at 150kmh and rattles the stumps
  , Starc to Milne, OUT, Starc pumps the air, he's hit the stumps! Full delivery on middle, Milne exposed his stumps a bit, went for the drive and missed it completely
  , Starc to Williamson, 1 run, taps the full delivery from off with soft hands down to mid off and calls for a single
  , Starc to Williamson, no run, full and around off, KW digs it out back to the bowler
  , Cummins to Milne, no run, swing and a miss! Length delivery just outside off, teasing line, Milne swung his bat for a drive and nearly edged it
  , Cummins to Vettori, OUT, wicket off a full toss, chipped straight to mid on! Innocuous and low full toss on the pads, Vettori hangs his head down after handing a straightforward catch to mid on
  , Cummins to Vettori, no run, goes across again, that was a close one as Vettori missed the pull and it went just over the stumps, coming in from the leg side
  , Cummins to Vettori, 2 runs, short ball on the leg side, swatted along the ground a bit wide of deep fine leg and he comes back for the second
  , Cummins to Vettori, 1 wide, too short and wide, Vettori even shuffled across and it's a wide
  , Cummins to Williamson, 1 run, incoming from outside off, runs it down to third man for one
  , Cummins to Williamson, 2 runs, too full, too straight and it's clipped over the midwicket fielder in the gap for two
  , Starc to Ronchi, OUT, peach of a delivery from Starc and that deserves a wicket! Nasty bouncer around middle stump, it was quick, and by the time Ronchi could sway out of the line by bending back like Keanu Reaves, the ball took some glove on the way
  , Starc to Ronchi, no run, in the block hole well outside off, steered to gully
  , Starc to Ronchi, no run, full and swinging in towards off, chipped uppishly towards midwicket. The fielder sent in a flat throw and nearly got Maxwell at short leg on the way
  , Starc to Ronchi, no run, pushes the length delivery outside the off stump into the covers
  , Starc to Ronchi, 1 wide, strays down the leg side past the pads and it's a wide
  , Starc to Ronchi, no run, draws a thick outside edge off Ronchi's bat with the angled delivery and gully fields it
  , Starc to Williamson, 1 run, reaches out for it and taps it late to third man for one
  , Maxwell to Ronchi, SIX, that's a beautiful, lofted, straight drive for six, what a way to get off the mark! He saw it was pitched up, didn't have to move much and lofted it straight down the ground over the long on boundary
  , Maxwell to Ronchi, no run, goes back for the slight turn and pushes it back
  , Maxwell to Anderson, OUT, he slogs and he gives a catch! It was a length delivery just outside off, Anderson went down on a knee for the slog sweep and slammed it straight to mid on where Cummins took a good, low catch. They are checking for the catch now, Anderson waiting at the boundary. Cummins was down on his knees as the ball was dipping on him, replays show a part of the ball was out of his hands and they aren't clear enough to say if the ball hit the ground for sure or not. Given out finally, Anderson walks back again
  , Maxwell to Anderson, no run, bit of flight outside off, slices it off the back foot to cover point
  , Maxwell to Anderson, no run, fullish outside off, turned with the wrists to mid on
  , Maxwell to Williamson, 1 run, outside the leg stump and it's worked to deep square leg for one
  , Starc to Anderson, no run, loud appeal for lbw as Anderson misses again, turned down and Australia review it. The full delivery pitched on middle but hit him in front of leg and looks like it was going going down leg. HawkEye says it's just clipping, so umpire's call, so stays not out
  , Starc to Anderson, no run, tries to clip the full delivery on the pads to the leg side but takes it on the pad
  , Starc to Anderson, no run, on middle stump, Anderson drives it to the left of mid on but no time for a run
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