Live Cricket Scores
Australia vs England
Stumps : Australia lead by 23 runs with 3 wickets remaining

  , Root to Nevill, 1 run, short of length outside off, steered down to long-off for one
  , Root to Nevill, no run, works the ball with the turn from middle to short leg
  , Root to Starc, 1 run, loud appeal for lbw as it's full on the stumps, they take one for that. Replays say it hit the foot first and then the bat for the single. Can't confirm if it was hitting the stumps now, there was the angle for sure
  , Root to Starc, no run, blocks the straight delivery back to Root
  , Root to Starc, no run, middle-stump line on length, pushed down to mid-on
  , Broad to Starc, 1 run, thick outside edge as Starc closed the face of the bat for the ball that came towards off and got one into the covers
  , Broad to Starc, no run, 84.5mph, sends in a length delivery outside off and Starc lets it go
  , Broad to Starc, no run, touch wider outside off and Starc plays but keeps his bat in at the last moment
  , Broad to Starc, no run, drives and misses the length ball outside off. Not much movement, it's the line and length beating him
  , Broad to Starc, no run, shorter one outside off and Starc defends confidently this time. Back to basics
  , Broad to Starc, no run, that just misses the stumps! Broad angled the ball in towards off, Starc looked to work it to leg and just missed the line, the ball also just missed the top of off
  , Finn to Starc, 1 run, fullish outside off and it's pushed into the covers for another quick single
  , Finn to Nevill, 1 run, defends this ball with soft hands into the covers and calls for a quick single
  , Finn to Starc, 1 run, slightly wider outside off and Starc gets a thick edge to fine leg for one
  , Finn to Starc, no run, angles it towards the off stump and Starc pushes it back
  , Finn to Starc, 2 runs, it's on length on the off stump, punched down the ground to just clear Moeen's dive at mid-off
  , Finn to Starc, no run, 85mph, length delivery on the stumps, pushed into the covers
  , Broad to Nevill, no run, put down by Buttler, was there bat on that? The reaction from England fielders says so. The shortish ball angled down, Nevill looked to work it fine and probably got some bat but it was a very tough chance for Buttler who tried with his left hand
  , Broad to Nevill, no run, swings it away at 79mph, lands on length outside off and Nevill leaves
  , Broad to Nevill, no run, fuller and closer to off, still wide enough for Nevill to shoulder his arms
  , Broad to Nevill, no run, 79.7mph, much shorter and slower outside off, Nevill doesn't feel the need to play that one
  , Broad to Nevill, no run, wider outside the off stump, Nevill leans forward and leaves
  , Broad to Nevill, no run, 80mph, late swing from length outside the of stump to beat Nevill's bat. Not much pace though
  , Finn to Starc, no run, 83mph, gifts a full toss on the off side, Starc punches it straight to mid-off
  , Finn to Starc, no run, 87.8mph, short of length outside off with the angle, Starc lets it go
  , Finn to Starc, no run, 84mph, on the middle stump now, driven back down to Finn
  , Finn to Starc, no run, back of length on leg, worked to midwicket and Starc says no for the run
  , Finn to Nevill, 1 run, angling towards middle and leg, tucked to midwicket for one
  , Finn to Nevill, no run, stifled appeal for a catch down the leg side as it went with the angle, Nevill tried to glance but got some pad
  , Ali to Starc, no run, reaches out a bit and that's driven into the covers with the turn
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