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Sri Lanka vs South Africa
Day 5 : South Africa require another 255 runs with 4 wickets remaining
Sri Lanka
South Africa

  , Perera to Duminy, no run, gets across to push to silly point as this bounces
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, straightens on off stump, JP forward to defend
  , Herath to Philander, no run, angled in, played out softly onto the crease
  , Herath to Philander, no run, dangerous, back again to one sliding in, keeps it out just in time
  , Herath to Philander, no run, on the front foot to push to silly point
  , Herath to Philander, no run, goes back to one that slides in and forces it to midwicket
  , Herath to Philander, no run, tossed up full on off, he stretches out to block
  , Herath to Philander, no run,
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, defended off the front foot
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, spins away and bounces outside off, left alone
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, flighted delivery, defended to silly point
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, fuller, angled in, targeting the stumps, JP deep in the crease, just keeps it out
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, goes back to one spinning towards the stumps, jabs it away
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, comes forward, bat and pad together, to defend a flighted ball
  , Herath to Philander, FOUR, flatter one turning away, he forces it off the back foot to the deep cover boundary
  , Herath to Philander, no run, pushes at one spinning away from him, it runs to covers
  , Herath to du Plessis, OUT, another one, Rangana Herath again, tossed up, good length, pitches middle and off, Faf forward to defend, it jags away, takes the edge and Mahela Jayawardene pouches catch No 200 at slip, low to his left, he is pumped up
  , Herath to du Plessis, no run, pushed down the track with a forward press
  , Herath to du Plessis, no run, tosses it up, Faf is not sure what to do, keeps bat and pad together, leans out and defends
  , Herath to du Plessis, no run, full and quick just outside off, patted down the track
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, flighted and coming down full on middle and leg, he carefully blocks
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, tossed up higher now, he leans forward, pushes to silly point
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, angled in outside leg, spins across, JP watches it, defends softly
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, fuller on off stump, he comes forward to push to silly point, who is at the edge of the pitch
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, lunges forward to defend to silly point
  , Perera to Duminy, no run, angled in full outside leg, but he plays with a dead straight bat, smothers it
  , Mendis to du Plessis, no run, gets forward to defend one slanted across full
  , Mendis to du Plessis, no run, short again, whipped to midwicket from outside off
  , Mendis to du Plessis, no run, full one pushed to silly point
  , Mendis to du Plessis, FOUR, drags it shortish and wide and Faf puts it away off the back foot, well in front of square
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