Live Cricket Scores
England vs New Zealand
Day 5 : New Zealand require another 184 runs with 5 wickets remaining
New Zealand

  , Anderson to Watling, no run,
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, touch fuller, more of a bent front knee to keep this out
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, almost the same ball, this threatens to run back onto the stumps after being blocked but Watling is aware to kick it away
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, full length around off stump, this is carefully defended in the crease by Watling
  , Broad to Anderson, no run, back full around off stump, this is blocked up towards mid-on
  , Broad to Anderson, no run, back of a length outside off, Anderson stays well inside the line
  , Broad to Anderson, no run, fuller and Anderson drives again, gets a thick inside edge into his front pad
  , Broad to Anderson, no run, tightens the line and this is just blocked back to the bowler
  , Broad to Anderson, FOUR, not quite as full and Anderson just blocks, opens the face a little to steer it out to third man
  , Broad to Anderson, FOUR, stays around the wicket, fullish length just outside off, Anderson leans into a gorgeous drive and times it perfectly past mid-off, still a good deck this
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, similar line but none of the movement and Watling calmly defends this back up the wicket
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, this darts back and takes Watling in the gut, ouchie, sharp nip from Anderson
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, fuller and back towards off stump, this is blocked coming forward
  , Anderson to Watling, FOUR, foot outside off, Watling plays a rather loose dab at it and gets an edge but it lands well short of the keeper and skips past him for four to raise a battling fifty, excellent defiance here
  , Anderson to Watling, FOUR, fuller length, also angled in, this is brushed out to the fine leg boundary
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, short ball, darts down leg out of harm's way, Buttler leaps to his left and makes a fine take
  , Broad to Anderson, no run, full wide delivery, this is driven at but off the toe to mid-off
  , Broad to Anderson, no run, bumper again, easily ducked
  , Broad to Watling, 1 run, touch straighter, this is dabbed up through midwicket for an easy single
  , Broad to Watling, no run, full ball angled in, cry for lbw with Broad thinking this is pad first, umpire Erasmus thought it was bat and England decline a review. Good decision because the ball was nowhere near the pad!
  , Broad to Watling, 1 no ball, two feet wide of off stump, full length, this is left alone. No-ball here for having three men behind square on the leg side
  , Broad to Anderson, 1 run, nice pull, controlled stroke, this short one didn't get up as much, steered along the ground to deep midwicket
  , Broad to Anderson, no run, bumper, on line but Anderson ducking well
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, almost the same delivery, Watling looking solid
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, fuller around off stump, Watling is forward pushing back to the bowler
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, moves this in a little, Watling cramped trying to turn this leg side, gets it off inside edge and pad back up the wicket
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, wider line and cut away but straight to point
  , Anderson to Watling, no run, straighter and this is just patted back to the bowler
  , Anderson to Watling, 2 runs, full length sliding into the pads, this is clipped down to long leg, wide enough for a couple
  , Broad to Anderson, no run, see ball 42.4
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