Live Cricket Scores
India vs England
Stumps : India lead by 128 runs with 7 wickets remaining

  , Broad to Rahane, no run, plays out the last ball of the day to short midwicket
  , Broad to Rahane, no run, on the pads, Rahane tickles it straight to leg gully
  , Broad to Rahane, no run, floated outside off, the batsman leans on it and defends to cover
  , Broad to Kohli, 1 run, this is fuller and on the pads again, Kohli likes it there, calmly works it through that crowded field to deep midwicket
  , Broad to Kohli, FOUR, bowls it on the pads, coming in with the angled and all he has to do is to glance it fine on the leg side for a boundary
  , Broad to Kohli, no run, length delivery on off stump, Kohli is rock solid behind it in defence
  , Stokes to Kohli, 1 run, fires it in the blockhole! the batsman digs it out and the bounce carries it over Moeen at silly mid-on, they take a quick single
  , Stokes to Kohli, 2 runs, gets off the mark with a controlled pull shot through midwicket, gets on top of it and rolls his wrists. That must have settled some nerves
  , Stokes to Kohli, no run, another back of length delivery on off, Kohli gets behind the line of it and defends it solidly down the pitch
  , Stokes to Kohli, no run, short of length outside off, makes Kohli play at this one, defended to point
  , Stokes to Kohli, no run, this is better from Stokes, on a length and closer to the stumps, Kohli comes forward and decides to shoulder arms in the end
  , Stokes to Kohli, no run, full and wide outside off, Kohli is not interested at all, leaves this one alone
  , Plunkett to Rahane, FOUR, this is the best of the lot! He just stands tall on his toes and punches the shortish delivery through the vacant mid-off area and that has raced away. Superb shot there
  , Plunkett to Rahane, FOUR, another short ball that doesn't get up too high, and Rahane pulls it down to the deep backward square leg boundary
  , Plunkett to Rahane, no run, massive appeal for caught behind down the leg side! Prior is convinced as he starts running up towards the batsman.. The replays show it flicked the thigh pad
  , Plunkett to Rahane, no run, short delivery and Rahane gets into an uncomfortable position, luckily for him, it's wee down the leg side
  , Plunkett to Rahane, FOUR, calmly plays a punch of the back foot but this has raced away through cover point! Excellent timing on this from Rahane
  , Plunkett to Rahane, no run, gets this one to come into the batsman, Rahane pushes it down the pitch off the back foot
  , Stokes to Kohli, no run, slightly short delivery outside off, he defends it towards point
  , Stokes to Kohli, no run, short and wide outside off, Kohli punches it straight to point. He didn't go hard at it, just pushes at it, a decision made belatedly?
  , Stokes to Kohli, no run, full and wide outside off, very wide but the umpire lets him get away with this
  , Stokes to Kohli, no run, he keeps it in the channel outside off, Kohli waits and lets it go through
  , Stokes to Rahane, 1 run, he hops on his toes and works the shortish delivery to square leg for a single
  , Stokes to Rahane, no run, short of length delivery on off, Rahane is solidly behind it and defends it down the pitch
  , Plunkett to Kohli, no run, short ball aimed on the head, Kohli sways away from it comfortably
  , Plunkett to Kohli, no run, he comes forward and defends this fuller delivery to cover
  , Plunkett to Rahane, 1 run, shorter again, Rahane - who got out to a pull from a similar line - gets on top of that and pulls it to deep midwicket, rolling his wrists on that
  , Plunkett to Rahane, 1 no ball, bowls a short one across the batsman, Rahane drops his wrists down and moves away from the line, but it's a big no-ball
  , Plunkett to Rahane, no run, back of length delivery, defended from the crease
  , Plunkett to Rahane, no run, again defends it to short cover with a front-foot lunge
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