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Australia vs South Africa
In Progress : South Africa require another 282 runs with 10 wickets and 49.3 overs remaining
( 50 overs )
South Africa
( 0.3 overs )

  , Johnson to de Kock, no run,
  , Johnson to Amla, 1 run, on the stumps this time, Amla goes back and turns it past midwicket
  , Johnson to Amla, no run, swinging in from length form outside off, Amla drives it firmly to cover
  , Johnson to Amla, no run, fullish and outside off, left easily by Amla
  , McLaren to Starc, 1 run, full delivery and it's driven down the ground to long-off for one to end the innings. Still got 16 from that over
  , McLaren to Marsh, 1 run, OUT, excellent ball in the block hole, but Johnson's been run out for trying to run the second. Marsh dug it down to long-off and nearly lost his balance while playing the shot which and he lost time there. Johnson wanted to get Marsh back on strike but he was sent back and he could not get there on time
  , McLaren to Marsh, SIX, two in a row! MacLaren pitched it shorter outside off and he slapped it over the midwicket boundary this time. they have either pitched it up or too short to him and this is six more
  , McLaren to Marsh, SIX, you can't get away all the time with full tosses! Third in a row and this is tonked over the long-off boundary for one more six! Doesn't matter to Marsh if there's a fielder in the deep or not
  , McLaren to Johnson, 1 run, another full toss outside off, pushed straight to cover but AB fumbles to collect it on first attempt
  , McLaren to Marsh, 1 run, slower and nearly in the block hole outside off, it's a low full toss and it's driven to sweeper cover for one
  , Morkel to Marsh, 1 run, full just outside off, driven down to long on and he keeps strike
  , Morkel to Marsh, (no ball) FOUR, he gets on strike and smashes a four! Got a full toss over waist height, it's called a no ball, and finds the gap behind square on the leg side for four
  , Morkel to Johnson, 1 run, slightly short of length outside off, pushed to cover to give strike to Marsh and it's a very risky single. But the fielder is deep in the circle and it's not a direct hit
  , Morkel to Marsh, 1 run, in the block hole and angled in, drives it down to long-on
  , Morkel to Haddin, OUT, Haddin falls in an attempt to collect runs like his partner. It was full outside off, he went for a lofted drive over the covers but got a leading edge and was caught at the edge of the circle
  , Morkel to Haddin, no run, too wide outside off and full, Haddin gets closer to it and misses and it's not called a wide. The umpire signals to Haddin saying he moved too much to the off side
  , Morkel to Marsh, 1 run, low full toss outside off, punched down to long-on for one
  , McLaren to Marsh, 1 run, slower ball and it's a wide full toss outside off, driven to deep point for one
  , McLaren to Marsh, no run, gets it right this time, one in the block hole well outside off and Marsh misses
  , McLaren to Marsh, no run, short ball with a scrambled seam outside off, he makes room and misses the pull
  , McLaren to Marsh, FOUR, tries the yorker, and the full toss has been out away for four. Was on the pads and he flicked it away in the air and the ball nearly bounced over the fielder's head in the deep at midwicket
  , McLaren to Marsh, 1 wide, short ball this time but it's gone over his head for a wide
  , McLaren to Marsh, SIX, one more, it's gone all the way! You can't bowl full to him, it was offered there outside off and whether there's no fielder at long-off, but it goes all the way
  , McLaren to Marsh, FOUR, short and slightly outside off, it's swatted down the ground past the bowler by making room and oh it's gone for four! Long-on leaped to his left but could not stop it
  , Steyn to Marsh, 1 run, length delivery outside off, pushed away nicely to sweeper cover to keep strike and Marsh brings up his fifty
  , Steyn to Marsh, no run, right on the money - yorker from Steyn and Marsh blocks it back
  , Steyn to Marsh, 2 runs, too full and wide, Marsh chases and will this go for four? It's running to the third man boundary and the fielder there does well to save two runs
  , Steyn to Marsh, SIX, and another, and this one makes Steyn smile! This might have been on length but it was too wide and Marsh smahed it over long-off this time. What's the result? SIX!
  , Steyn to Marsh, SIX, boom, another one! Steyn pitches it short to reply but Marsh swat-pulls it over long-on for one more six! He has some power
  , Steyn to Marsh, SIX, oh, another one from Marsh! He plays these straight shots too well and with great timing! It was on length outside off and he tonked it straight down the ground for maximum
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