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New Zealand vs Australia
Lunch : New Zealand trail by 378 runs with 10 wickets remaining
New Zealand

  , Hazlewood to Guptill, no run, fuller ball outside off, left alone and off they go to tuck into lunch
  , Hazlewood to Guptill, no run, testing lines this. Pitches it full enough to see if it can wobble. Does so just a shade away as Guptill leaves
  , Hazlewood to Latham, 1 run, gets back in his crease, absorbs all the pace, knocks it towards point and Guptill is up for the single
  , Hazlewood to Latham, no run, shortish and outside off, not bothered with again
  , Hazlewood to Latham, no run, good length, pushed outside off, no shot completes the trifecta
  , Hazlewood to Latham, no run, some seam back into the left-hander! No sideways movement all day, but Hazlewood coaxes some noticeable movement off the pitch to put Latham in a tangle. Hurries into the flick, manages an inside edge and was hit quite high to put down the lbw appeal
  , Craig to Voges, OUT, stop the press. Adam Voges has been dismissed in Test cricket. Craig takes part in the third caught and bowled for the innings. The batsman had run down the track for a whip to long-on, Craig moves to his right and holds on to a sharp chance
  , Craig to Voges, SIX, he's on a spree right now! Gets down the track, has been offered a width as Craig tries to fire it beyond his reach. Crashed straight down the ground
  , Anderson to Bird, no run, wafts outside off, late decision to do so, I think, to a back of a length ball outside off. Or the more likely result, No. 11 was beaten for pace
  , Anderson to Bird, no run, good length ball outside off, shoulders arms
  , Anderson to Voges, 1 run, goes outside leg and swipes at a short ball to deep midwicket
  , Anderson to Voges, no run, another slice behind point as he plants an angled bat down on a ball tucking up up on leg stump
  , Anderson to Voges, no run, slices a shortish ball off the stumps to deep point. Won't take the single
  , Anderson to Voges, no run, goes short and outide off, shoulders arms
  , Craig to Bird, no run, driven into the covers. No runs. Partnership 23 in five overs
  , Craig to Bird, no run, plays for turn, there isn't any and he is beaten off a good length ball outside off
  , Craig to Bird, no run, flighted outside off, defended
  , Craig to Voges, 1 run, another venture down the track and Voges lifts the ball over cover. The runs are flowing for the final wicket
  , Craig to Voges, SIX, another maximum! Skips down the track, gets under the length ball and lofts it miles over long-on.
  , Craig to Voges, no run, backs away, Craig does his bit by tossing the ball wider, Voges reaches out and slaps it to cover
  , Anderson to Bird, no run, back of a length on off stump, defended
  , Anderson to Voges, 1 run, short and wide, cut away to deep point and they do take the single now. Lovely marshalling of the No. 11
  , Anderson to Voges, 2 runs, "come one, come on, come on" yells Voges looking for the second after he cleverly taps a good length ball on middle to midwicket. The man is so far out in the deep
  , Anderson to Voges, no run, banged in short and let through over his left shoulder
  , Anderson to Voges, no run, full on off stump, driven to cover. No run taken
  , Anderson to Voges, FOUR, beauituflly done. Just picked on the width on this fuller, slower ball and glides it to the third man boundary
  , Bracewell to Bird, no run, back of a length and outside off, defended
  , Bracewell to Voges, 1 run, worked away to deep midwicket, and he gets the single he wants
  , Bracewell to Voges, no run, how has that missed off stump? Runs at the fuller one, hacks all over it, Bracewell looks up in hope and watches it whistle about a feather past the sticks. Just as well anyway, it seems he had bowled another no-ball that wasn't called
  , Bracewell to Voges, no run, backs away and flat-bats a shortish delivery outside off to long-off
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