Live Cricket Scores
England vs New Zealand
Stumps : England lead by 295 runs with 4 wickets remaining
New Zealand

  , Southee to Ali, no run, length outside off, Moeen has a wild slash at it but fails to connect, meaning England reach stumps six down and leading by 295
  , Southee to Ali, no run, good length outside off, Moeen isn't tempted, lets it fly through
  , Southee to Ali, no run, short and climbing through over Moeen's shoulder as he goes down on one knee
  , Southee to Ali, no run, pitched up but sliding down the leg side, can't get a touch on it
  , Southee to Ali, no run, short ball, well-directed and Moeen gets in a bit of a tangle trying to take it on, gets too big to pull and he ends up fending it short into the off side
  , Southee to Ali, no run, bouncer, over the stumps, Moeen continues to duck
  , Craig to Cook, no run, tossed up nice and high on middle and off, Cook prods it back down the pitch - rare maiden for Craig
  , Craig to Cook, no run, flighted, plays back on the stumps and gets an inside edge just short of leg slip
  , Craig to Cook, no run, Craig goes over the wicket, tossed up outside let stump, Cook gets in behind it
  , Craig to Cook, no run, on the stumps, worked off the pads to leg
  , Craig to Cook, no run, full length, opens the face and squeezes this out towards backward point
  , Craig to Cook, no run, tossed up and pushed back on the off side
  , Southee to Ali, no run, short of a length, defended outside off
  , Southee to Ali, no run, another bumper, at the batsman, he sees it coming and gets low, low, low, low
  , Southee to Ali, no run, shortish, swerving away late as Moeen hangs his bat out, zips past the outside edge
  , Southee to Ali, no run, back of a length outside off and left alone
  , Southee to Ali, no run, dug in very short again and climbing through to the keeper as Moeen crouches low
  , Southee to Cook, 1 run, banged in short and Cook takes on the pull, sends it skipping across the outfield to the man at deep square
  , Craig to Ali, no run, floated up around the line of off, gets out and smothers it in defence
  , Craig to Cook, 1 run, flighted on the stumps, worked to midwicket for one
  , Craig to Cook, no run, slightly short and cut hard again, excellent diving stop at backward point from Guptill, still alert after a long day in the field
  , Craig to Cook, no run, comes forward and defends outside the line of off
  , Craig to Cook, no run, flatter, little bit of width and Cook cracks a cut off the back foot, finds backward point
  , Craig to Cook, no run, around the wicket, flighted outside off, Cook lunges on to the front foot and blocks
  , Southee to Ali, no run, finishes the over with a bouncer and again the batsman ducks comfortably under it
  , Southee to Ali, no run, slips this one in full on off stump, Moeen has his wits about him and blocks
  , Southee to Ali, no run, another bumper from Southee, again Moeen folds himself out the way
  , Southee to Ali, no run, banged in short and Moeen calmly ducks underneath
  , Southee to Ali, FOUR, sliced wide of gully, reaching out to drive a full ball, just gets enough on it
  , Southee to Ali, no run, leaves a back-of-a-length ball in the channel outside off
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