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Sri Lanka vs New Zealand
In Progress : New Zealand require another 243 runs with 7 wickets and 36.3 overs remaining
Sri Lanka
( 50 overs )
New Zealand
( 13.3 overs )

  , Chameera to Elliott, 1 run, 141 kph, gets Elliott to go after this length delivery outside off as he ends up edging it uppishly through where a traditional backward point would have been placed as third man fields the ball
  , Chameera to Elliott, no run, 139 kph, tries to guide one past the clutches of Dilshan at point, but he is more than equal to the task as he puts in a wonderful, sprawling effort to cut off the ball
  , Chameera to Elliott, no run, 146 kph, gets good carry off the deck as this one flies in outside off to the keeper. Chameera looking quite good here
  , Prasanna to Elliott, 1 run, hangs on the back foot before punching it away for a quick single to the off side
  , Prasanna to Elliott, no run, reaches out before pushing at this length ball away to the off side
  , Prasanna to Elliott, no run, gets this one to slide on from outside off as Kane has to get quite low in his stance as he looked to cut this away behind square
  , Prasanna to Williamson, 1 leg bye, goes for the sweep fine down the leg side as Kane is late on it. They go for an appeal, but surely this was going down leg?
  , Prasanna to Williamson, no run, this time looking to guide it past short midwicket, but to no avail
  , Prasanna to Williamson, no run, pushes at this flighted delivery from Prasanna which drifts in to the batsman
  , Chameera to Taylor, OUT, 146 kph, and Chameera has got a dream start to his limited-overs career as he succeeds in getting Taylor to chop one onto the stumps off the bottom edge as he went searching after this slightly fullish length outside off. Taylor has to go after putting up 11. Chameera is over the moon as he celebrates with his team-mates. That was also the fastest ball of the day too!
  , Chameera to Williamson, 1 run, 142 kph, gets nicely on top of the bounce as this is run away through the same region
  , Chameera to Taylor, 1 run, 144 kph, touching the 90s now as Taylor is able to cut this away to third man
  , Chameera to Williamson, 1 run, 142 kph, attacks this length ball outside his off stump, getting away an edge high over the slips to find third man on the bounce
  , Chameera to Williamson, no run, 140 kph, fuller this time, and a touch closer to the batsman, as this is bunted away
  , Chameera to Taylor, 1 run, 142 kph, not a bad start, or pace, to begin with by Chameera as he delivers this on a length outside off, as this is cut away just behind square
  , Prasanna to Williamson, no run, defended from the crease to end Prasanna's first over
  , Prasanna to Taylor, 1 run, nurdled down to the man at long on for one
  , Prasanna to Williamson, 1 run, looks to get forward before hanging on the back foot to cut this away in front of square
  , Prasanna to Taylor, 1 run, shimmies down the track to force this one past the short midwicket fielder. Wanted two initially before deciding against the second
  , Prasanna to Taylor, no run, reaches out to defend this one floated in on middle
  , Prasanna to Williamson, 1 run, drifts in one on middle and leg which is eased away through the leg side
  , Eranga to Taylor, FOUR, 136 kph, length ball outside off which Taylor is able to drive away on the up as he picks the gap to find the extra-cover boundary. That will surely help his confidence
  , Eranga to Taylor, no run, 132 kph, outswinger bowled on a fourth stump channel as Taylor cannot be enticed to flirt with it
  , Eranga to Taylor, no run, 137 kph, length outside off which curls away as Taylor keeps inside of the line
  , Eranga to Taylor, no run, 136 kph, tries to fend this one off the back foot with a glance, with the ball going up in the air temporarily before landing safe
  , Eranga to Williamson, 1 run, 137 kph, slashed away aerially off the back foot as this hovers over the slips before finishing up at third man
  , Eranga to Taylor, 1 run, 137 kph, gets both feet off the ground as he reaches out to ramp this away through third man
  , Kulasekara to Williamson, no run, 123 kph, drives this one straight to mid-off to end the over
  , Kulasekara to Williamson, no run, 126 kph, fuller length delivery swinging in on middle. Williamson leans forward and drives it to mid-on
  , Kulasekara to Williamson, no run, 124 kph, fended away off the back foot towards the off side
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