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India vs South Africa
In Progress : South Africa trail by 150 runs with 3 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 78.2 overs )
South Africa
( 26 overs )

  , Ashwin to Duminy, no run, slow on off, defended off the front foot
  , Ashwin to Harmer, 1 run, gets down early and smashes a sweep to square leg
  , Ashwin to Harmer, no run, carrom ball again down leg, pitches in the rough and a lot of dust exploding. Defended
  , Ashwin to Harmer, FOUR, hard sweep, Harmer has showed good intent in his short innings.l Swept past square leg for four.
  , Ashwin to Harmer, no run, 86 ks, carrom ball on off, Harmer defensively plays but an outside edge, played with soft hands, goes on the bounce to slip
  , Ashwin to Duminy, 1 run, fine sweep to short fine leg, an iffy run but they complete it. JP makes it in with a dive
  , Jadeja to Duminy, 1 leg bye, slowish on off, JP tries to defend but the ball spins a bit extra and takes the pad and then off to square leg. They steal a single
  , Jadeja to Duminy, no run, played defensively to short leg with the spin, not that much turn for Jadeja
  , Jadeja to Duminy, no run, 88.6 ks, again flat on middle, JP comes forward and clips to short fine leg
  , Jadeja to Duminy, no run, full on off, JP comes forward to defend
  , Jadeja to Duminy, no run, clipped towards midwicket
  , Jadeja to Duminy, no run, bounce here. Too much bounce. Short outside off, spins back in and takes JP's gloves and then down to the ground by his feet
  , Ashwin to Duminy, 3 runs, nicely done from all parties involved. Nice loop and pace outside off, getting Duminy to drive who does so excellently well. Just timed that through mid-off and cover. the fielder makes a good diving stop too to save a run
  , Ashwin to Duminy, no run, yorker on leg, JP tries to play against the turn but too much hesitation and he tentatively inside edges towards his pad
  , Ashwin to Duminy, no run, defended confidently off the front foot
  , Ashwin to Duminy, no run, inside edge on to the pad after attempting the sweep
  , Ashwin to Duminy, no run, this one doesn't spin as much, shorter again on middle, just a hint of turn on middle, inside edge goes to fine leg, very close
  , Ashwin to Duminy, no run, beaten outside off, tossed up on off, very nice loop. JP goes back and tries to push but the ball misses that edge
  , Jadeja to Harmer, no run, not bad battin at all although it is fraught with risk, even a defensive stroke involves equal risk. He goes down early and sweeps but straight to square leg, did not look in control at all
  , Jadeja to Duminy, 1 run, JP looking good, goes right back in his crease and keeps his nudge down to fine leg
  , Jadeja to Harmer, 3 runs, nicely played. Against the spin towards midwicket. Too full on leg and Harmer plays this well. Ishant slides and keeps it in
  , Jadeja to Harmer, FOUR, runs, goes down to sweep immediately but the ball doesn't spin now. Goes on with the arm and drifts down leg, beats Saha.
  , Jadeja to Vilas, OUT, unplayable delivery! Just nothing can be done about that. Flat on leg, but just a fraction short, allowing the ball more time to spin. And it does just that. Rips past to off stump. Vilas correctly played the line of middle stump but was beaten on the outside edge and the ball clatters into the stumps. Impossible to play these.
  , Jadeja to Vilas, no run, 92 ks, flat and quick on off, Vilas defends off the front foot
  , Ashwin to Duminy, no run, on the bounce this time past gully, flighted delivery outside off with plenty of drift. Duminy comes forward and prods defensively
  , Ashwin to Vilas, 1 run, pushed wider outside off, Vilas gets to the pitch and plays a push towards cover with soft hands and calls for "one"
  , Ashwin to Vilas, no run, 87 kph, fuller on leg, whipped off to midwicket
  , Ashwin to Duminy, 1 run, full toss on off, driven towards mid-off
  , Ashwin to Duminy, 2 runs, another opportunity goes begging, off the keeper's leg and past Rahane at first slip. Thin edge and Saha cannot collect cleanly, too much of a deflection. the ball goes through slips
  , Ashwin to Duminy, no run, slower outside off, JP goes back and plays that on the bounce to slip. No need to play at that
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