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New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
Day 4 : Sri Lanka lead by 4 runs with 5 wickets remaining
New Zealand
Sri Lanka

  , Southee to Kaushal, no run, bangs in a short delivery outside off, Kaushal stays back and keeps it down towards gully with soft hands
  , Southee to Kaushal, 2 runs, tries the yorker, but it's a full delivery angled in and Kaushal flicks it off the pads to the leg side for two more
  , Southee to Kaushal, no run, back of length outside the off stump, Kaushal defends off the back foot
  , Boult to Mathews, FOUR, fullish outside off, Mathews goes hard at it with a drive and gets a lucky inside edge just past the stumps for four down the leg side
  , Boult to Mathews, no run, outside off with the angle now, left alone
  , Boult to Mathews, no run, loud appeal for lbw turned down, was close but not very. Pitched around leg stump as Mathews went across a bit and looked to work it on leg, hit him little high on the pad
  , Boult to Mathews, no run, down the leg side this time past Mathews
  , Boult to Kaushal, 3 runs, full and outside off with the angle, pushed off the front foot through the covers by opening the face of the bat for three. 300 for SL
  , Boult to Mathews, 1 run, starts with the leg stump line, worked off the pads to deep midwicket for one
  , Southee to Kaushal, 2 runs, outswinger on length outside off, pushed past gully off the front foot with soft hands for two
  , Southee to Kaushal, no run, bangs in the bouncer around off, Kaushal ducks under it
  , Southee to Kaushal, no run, goes shorter and wider with another outswinger, he lets it go
  , Southee to Kaushal, no run, targets the stumps this time with another length delivery, Kaushal defends it back
  , Southee to Kaushal, no run, outswing for the length ball that pitched well outside off and went away further, left easily
  , Southee to Mathews, 1 run, short of length just outside off, worked to deep midwicket for one
  , Craig to Kaushal, no run, shorter and wider outside off, Kaushal goes back and defends it on off
  , Craig to Kaushal, no run, tossed up on the off stump, blocked again on the front foot
  , Craig to Kaushal, no run, closer to the stumps now, he presses forward and blocks
  , Craig to Kaushal, no run, on length outside off, pushed towards cover point
  , Craig to Kaushal, no run, good bounce there from outside the off stump, he tries to cut but the ball goes over the bat
  , Craig to Mathews, 1 run, turning it in from outside off, Mathews goes back and works it past midwicket
  , Boult to Kaushal, FOUR, low full toss outside off and Kaushal drives the ball nicely through the vacant cover region for four to end the day. And that's stumps
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, touch short of length outside off, he pushed it past point and ran halfway down the pitch but Mathews didn't move at all. He doesn't want strike
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, angles this one across too, Kaushal pushes at it tentatively to send it to point
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, fuller outside off, steers it straight to gully
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, 137kph, bangs this one short with the angle, Kaushal sways out of the line and lets it go
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, angled across outside off, solid defence on the front foot from Kaushal
  , Southee to Kaushal, 1 run, right on the off stump, Kaushal blocks it with the straight bat and Southee has to chase it towards mid off. They take a run so Kaushal will be on strike again
  , Southee to Kaushal, no run, takes it away again from the batsman who pokes and doesn't get close to it
  , Southee to Kaushal, no run, swings the ball away from the bat from just short of length as he pokes at it
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