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India vs South Africa
Stumps : South Africa require another 278 runs with 8 wickets remaining
South Africa

  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, and that will be it. Tossed up on leg, defended by Elgar watchfully to get us to the end of just day 2.
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, lovely drift that, beautifully bowled. Elgar blocks extremely watchfully
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, well stopped from Mishra, fuller on leg, whipped to wide mid-on where Mishra dives and stops
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, tossed up, defended
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, fullish outside off, plenty of turn. beats Elgar on the outside edge
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, tossed up on off, a bit of a leading edge goes towards the bowler on many bounces
  , Jadeja to Amla, no run, shorter now, good delivery but equally well played, Amla uses the crease to defend watchfully
  , Jadeja to Amla, no run, lovely, dead-bat cricket. Flat on off, no turn. Amla goes well forward to defend
  , Jadeja to Amla, no run, well played, shorter outside off, Amla reads it well, goes deep in his crease and leaves
  , Jadeja to Amla, no run, darted in on leg stump, Amla inside-edges again to short leg
  , Jadeja to Amla, no run, 92 ks, flat and quick on leg, turned to short leg
  , Jadeja to Amla, no run, 91 kph, full on off, well played by Amla
  , Mishra to Elgar, no run, quick down leg, Saha does well again
  , Mishra to Elgar, no run,
  , Mishra to Elgar, no run, slower through the air outside off, Elgar is beaten on the inside edge as it spins into him and strikes him on the body
  , Mishra to Elgar, no run, slower on leg but too short giving Elgar enough time to go back and punch
  , Mishra to Amla, 3 runs, short delivery on leg, Amla goes back and punches his flick in the gap through midwicket. Jadeja runs it down
  , Mishra to Imran Tahir, OUT, he has been given. Interesting call, looked close but was there enough doubt on that? No says the umpire, he raises the finger. Slider on leg, Tahir is beaten and is struck on the pad. massive appeal is upheld by the umpire
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, again some really good technique from Elgar, Shortish delivery down leg, worked to deep backward square leg. They decide against the available run, makes good sense too with the right-arm offspinner bowling to the right-hander
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, flat down leg, starts this too straight on middle
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, 85 kph, full yet again on off, easily blocked
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, slow through the air outside off, driven back at Jadeja
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, pinged off the bat towards short midwicket, some more air on that on off stump
  , Jadeja to Elgar, no run, flat outside off, solidly defended off the front foot
  , Ashwin to Imran Tahir, no run, 79 kph, flight on off, Tahir comes forward and quells the ball with a block
  , Ashwin to Elgar, 3 runs, too full on leg, pushed out through mid-on for three. Well played, Elgar has shown some exemplary technique
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, shortish outside leg, Elgar thinks of playing but withdraws his bat late, Ripping, spitting delivery
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, flight on off, defended
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, pushed to midwicket against the turn. Elgar sends Tahir back just in time
  , Ashwin to Elgar, no run, 85 kph, good length on off, Elgar goes back and guides to slip
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