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Chennai T20 vs Mohali T20
In Progress : Mohali T20 require another 90 runs with 7 wickets and 48 balls remaining
Chennai T20
( 20 overs )
Mohali T20
( 12 overs )

  , Jadeja to Miller, FOUR,
  , Jadeja to Maxwell, 1 leg bye, big appeal from the bowler, who trips over his feet and falls flat on his back. Maxi went down for the sweep again only this skidded on and strikes him on the back pad. No bat involved. This was plumb, but the umpire hasn't spotted it
  , Jadeja to Maxwell, 2 runs, pulled wide of long-on as this was fired in short on middle
  , Jadeja to Maxwell, FOUR, drifting down on the pads and he sweeps him one-bounce to the long leg boundary to raise his fifty
  , Jadeja to Maxwell, no run, comes down the track to work it into the leg side and gets an inside edge onto pad. Jaddu appeals but is turned down
  , Jadeja to Miller, 1 run,
  , Ashwin to Maxwell, FOUR, he's switch hit to the point boundary! Changed his stance and then the grip on his bat and blasted it away to Bravo who was down there. Pulled out a diving effort but couldn't pull it back
  , Ashwin to Maxwell, 2 runs, carted away to deep midwicket. Charged at the carrom ball and slogged it away
  , Ashwin to Miller, 1 run, fired in on leg stump, Miller's inside edge allows him a single through square leg
  , Ashwin to Maxwell, 1 run, full toss on leg stump, swept away to deep square leg
  , Ashwin to Maxwell, 2 runs, carrom ball pitching outside leg, Maxi was setting up to launch it over cow corner but the length was too full. Squirts it away to deep square leg
  , Ashwin to Miller, 1 run, rushes down the track and swings off his feet, only manages an inside edge behind square leg
  , Jadeja to Miller, 1 run, rocks back and cuts the shortish ball outside off to the sweeper
  , Jadeja to Miller, no run, Miller gets a life now. It was flighted outside off and he thumps it into the covers. Faf dives full length to his right and almost hand it but it popped out
  , Jadeja to Miller, no run,
  , Jadeja to Maxwell, 1 run, dropped and it is the most comical of the lot. Maxi goes for the reverse sweep but this time he gets it off the shoulder of the bat and it goes straight up. Nehra is at short third man and he lunges at the ball with both hands outstretched. Only kisses the fingers. VIntage Nehra
  , Jadeja to Miller, 1 run, turned away with the turn through square leg again
  , Jadeja to Miller, no run, charges at him but as he finds the length is a little shorter he settles for a nudge through square leg
  , Negi to Miller, 1 run, punched down the ground to long-off and that will be a strategic time out
  , Negi to Miller, no run, has trouble beating that man at midwicket as Negi continues darting in length balls on the stumps
  , Negi to Miller, no run, pushed down the ground as he pushes it through on off stump
  , Negi to Miller, no run, fires it in on middle and off, which is whipped into leg side
  , Negi to Miller, no run, shortish delivery on leg stump, worked to midwikcet
  , Negi to Miller, SIX, lovely footwork as he leaves the crease to reach the pitch and a full swing of the arms brings up another straight six
  , Jadeja to Maxwell, FOUR, laps it over the keeper for a neat little boundary. Long leg was too square and can only collect the ball after it crossed the boundary
  , Jadeja to Maxwell, no run, fired in on the pads, Maxi can't put it away with the flick. Shakes his head
  , Jadeja to Miller, 1 run, tossed up on off stump, Miller is forward and drives it past a diving Jadeja to long-on
  , Jadeja to Miller, FOUR, short and wide again, Miller slaps it through the covers this time and the man out in the deep cannot pull it back. Excellent placement
  , Jadeja to Miller, no run, comes forward and pushes at the length ball on off stump. Gets an inside edge to mid-on
  , Jadeja to Miller, 2 runs, starts off with a short one which Miller has no problem cutting behind square
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