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India vs South Africa
In Progress : India lead by 153 runs with 9 wickets remaining
South Africa

  , Harmer to Pujara, no run, faster delivery on off, good pace this. Squeezed to point
  , Harmer to Dhawan, 1 run, another full toss on middle, Dhawan swipes this to deep backward square leg
  , Harmer to Dhawan, no run, that is it. Nice flight, but quick through the air. Enough pace too. Dhawan goes back and is comprehensively beaten
  , Harmer to Pujara, 1 run, low full toss, nice loop but a bit too much flight, Pujara skips down, converts it into a full toss and drives to long-on
  , Morkel to Dhawan, no run, 115.7 ks, some flight? Full outside off, pushed with the spin to mid-off
  , Morkel to Dhawan, no run, yikes. Short offcutter outside off, Dhawan tries to pull but the ball keeps low and he is beaten outside off
  , Morkel to Dhawan, no run, 116 ks, another offcutter outside off, cut to point off the back foot.
  , Morkel to Dhawan, no run, yorker on middle, driven back to the bowler
  , Morkel to Dhawan, no run, 123 ks, offcutter again, pitches on leg, takes a bit of pitch along with it. And keeps a bit low but Dawan defends in front of off
  , Morkel to Pujara, 1 leg bye, offcutter down leg, takes a bit of Pujara's thigh and then bounces sort of Vilas, a bit of a fumble allows them the single
  , Harmer to Pujara, 1 run, a bit of drift there for Harmer, flatter and quicker outside off. Pujara plays for some extra turn but the ball goes on and takes the outside edge and then on the bounce to Amla at slip
  , Harmer to Pujara, no run, flatter on off, better pace that, slightly quick through the air, defended
  , Harmer to Pujara, no run, flighted on middle, Pujara comes down the track and works to midwicket
  , Harmer to Pujara, no run, shortish on middle and leg, clipped wristily past short leg towards square leg
  , Harmer to Pujara, no run, 84 ks, a bit of flight outside off, Pujara comes forward and defends
  , Harmer to Dhawan, 1 run, aah, not a great delivery. Full on middle and leg, giving Dhawan an easy opportunity to whip this towards midwicket for one
  , Morkel to Pujara, no run, does not offer the shot and there is a bit of an appeal, that was close. The offspinner from Morkel, pitches outside off but rips back in after pitching. Pujara offers only his pad but the ball had plenty to travel still
  , Morkel to Pujara, FOUR, too full, too wide. The slower offcutter again and Pujara puts it away. Smashed through cover for four. Majestic stroke
  , Morkel to Pujara, no run, another offcutter, good stop from JP. Too wide outside off, guided towards point who dives and stops it
  , Morkel to Pujara, no run, slower offcutter on off, a bit of cut after pitching, inside edge on to the pad. A puff of dust after pitching.
  , Morkel to Vijay, OUT, gone, Vijay has to go. SA have struck immediately after lunch. Big wicket too. What a way to go this. Slower offcutter again outside off, ends up as a half-volley. Vijay tries to guide this to third man but the ball bounces a touch and he edges low to Amla at slip who takes a good catch to low to his left. Almost steered that to slip.
  , Morkel to Dhawan, 1 run, starts off with a slower offcutter at 118 ks on leg, worked off his hips to fine leg for the first run of the session
  , Harmer to Vijay, no run, too much flight outside off, Vijay comes forward to block and take India to lunch
  , Harmer to Vijay, no run, flat and quick on middle, short too. That is a better pace on this pitch, Defended watchfully with a nudge to leg slip
  , Harmer to Vijay, no run, nice flight, but easily defended by Vijay off the front foot
  , Harmer to Vijay, no run, clipped to square leg
  , Harmer to Dhawan, 1 run, pushed to mid-on against the spin and Dhawan sets off immediately for a run, makes it easily despite a nice acrobatic effort from Rabad
  , Harmer to Vijay, 1 run, 86 kph, flight outside off, squirted to point for a quick single
  , Morkel to Dhawan, no run, looked like a slower offcutter on middle and off, turned away to midwicket
  , Morkel to Dhawan, no run, whoa. That took off. Full length outside off, left alone. Vilas takes this in front of his face
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