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Chennai T20 vs Delhi T20
In Progress : Chennai T20 won the toss and elected to bat
Chennai T20
( 6.5 overs )
Delhi T20

  , Neesham to Raina, 1 run, shorter this time from Neesham and Raina angles this to third man
  , Neesham to Smith, 1 run, gives him width and he deliberately angles it down to third man, Unadkat does really well to keep it to a single
  , Neesham to Raina, 1 run, angles it across and he slices it wide of backward point
  , Neesham to Raina, FOUR, this was pitched up wide outside off, in Raina's hitting zone, lofts through the line and clears cover, long-on cannot cut it off
  , Neesham to Raina, no run, starts off with a full toss and Raina misses out, can only mistime it to short midwicket
  , Unadkat to Raina, 1 run, slower ball on the pads and he works it to square leg
  , Unadkat to Smith, 1 run, good slower all from round the wicket, he can only defend it to the on side, takes a run
  , Unadkat to Raina, 1 run, makes room and steers it wide of point
  , Unadkat to Smith, 1 leg bye, confusion in the running, slower ball and Smith was too early on the pull, deflects off the body and rolls past the keeper, Parnell takes aim at the bowler's end and had it been a direct hit Smith would have been out
  , Unadkat to Smith, no run, doesn't give him much room as he steers it to point
  , Unadkat to Smith, no run, keeps it nice and straight, goes back and defends
  , Mohammed Shami to Raina, no run, Shami squares him up with beautiful away swing, this moves away late and Raina was chasing it
  , Mohammed Shami to Raina, 2 runs, this was shorter and he swivels to pull but doesn't force it away, places it wide of square leg
  , Mohammed Shami to Smith, 1 run, this was a length ball on the off stump and he mistimes the pull, seen a few of those
  , Mohammed Shami to Raina, 1 run, didn't play that one very well, it was full and he manages to get his bat down and gets an outside edge to third man
  , Mohammed Shami to Raina, no run, he fires that full outside the off stump and he looks to jam it out but misses
  , Mohammed Shami to Smith, 1 run, swinging in on the middle stump and he knocks it towards mid-on
  , Unadkat to Raina, no run, he makes a bit of room and he punches it square on the off side
  , Unadkat to Smith, 1 run, this was full outside the off stump and he drills it down the ground to long-on
  , Unadkat to Raina, 1 run, keeps him on the back foot this time as he pushes it to third man
  , Unadkat to Raina, no run, he gets forward and steers it to point
  , Unadkat to McCullum, OUT, okay forget about the drop! Daredevils make amends for it, McCullum dances down the track to Unadkat and looks to smash it over the on side, ends up getting an outside edge that loops wide of slip and goes to the substitute Parnell at short third man
  , Unadkat to McCullum, no run, JP Duminy drops a sitter! The dropped catches epidemic spreads, Length ball and McCullum chips it ever so tamely to short cover, Duminy had it covered, don't ask me how that slipped out
  , Nadeem to Smith, no run, squared up for turn, he tamely pushes it to the off side
  , Nadeem to McCullum, 1 run, he rocks back and slaps it wide of cover but extra cover picks up
  , Nadeem to McCullum, FOUR, tossed up, invites McCullum to use his feet, comes down the pitch and lofts him over mid-off
  , Nadeem to McCullum, 2 runs, this was drifting on the pads, he clips it away wide of short fine leg, McCullum slips as he completes the first run
  , Nadeem to Smith, 1 run, once again looks to force it away and he mistimes it to mid-on
  , Nadeem to McCullum, 1 run, arm ball, this was drifting in from Nadeem and he looked to drive wide of cover but got an inside edge, close call
  , Mohammed Shami to Smith, no run, full and straying on the pads, clips the pads as he looks to flick it away
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