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New Zealand vs Australia
In Progress : New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat
New Zealand
( 26.4 overs )

  , Maxwell to Elliott, no run,
  , Maxwell to Elliott, FOUR,
  , Maxwell to Williamson, 1 run,
  , Maxwell to Elliott, 1 run, pushed through vacant mid-on, again
  , Maxwell to Williamson, 1 run, dabbed with soft hands to mid-on, the pair sneak a single
  , Zampa to Elliott, no run, straighter one, pushed back to Zampa with a straight bat. Zampa has a shy at the stumps, Elliott doesn't jump out of the way. He shields himself with a straightish bat, again
  , Zampa to Williamson, 1 run, flighted on off, KW dances out, and chips it over mid-off. Smartly done, this time by the batsman
  , Zampa to Williamson, no run, down the track and crunched to short cover; the fielder flings to his right and makes a smart stop
  , Zampa to Elliott, 1 run, slides on outside off, punchily driven through point
  , Zampa to Elliott, SIX, rank full toss on middle, duly dispatched over midwicket for a six
  , Zampa to Elliott, no run, flatter and quicker, stabbed back to Zampa
  , Hastings to Williamson, no run, an appeal for caught behind, not given. Back of a length and outside off, KW targets the leg side with a flick. He connects only with thin air. No inside snick, there
  , Hastings to Elliott, 1 run, Elliott sways back and secures a single of his own to third man
  , Hastings to Elliott, no run, full on middle, defended onto the pitch
  , Hastings to Williamson, 1 run, dug shorter and outside off as KW steps away, opening up the off side. He rides it quietly to third man
  , Hastings to Williamson, no run, pitched up on off, KW shuffles across and flicks to midwicket
  , Hastings to Elliott, 1 run, full and outside off at 140ks, square-driven for one more. NZ ticking along
  , Zampa to Elliott, 1 run, darted at 93ks, driven nicely to sweeper cover
  , Zampa to Elliott, no run, pushed through, patted to cover
  , Zampa to Elliott, no run, slides on off, defended
  , Zampa to Williamson, 1 run, tossed up and curls in, googly from Zampa. KW skipped down again. He misjudged the pace there; the ball stopped a little. KW adjusts, checks his flick, and chips it over midwicket
  , Zampa to Williamson, 2 runs, KW jumps down, meets this on a half-volley and drives down the ground for a couple. KW calls for it and gets it
  , Zampa to Elliott, 1 run, pitched up and outside off, tapped down to long-off. Smoothly done
  , Hastings to Elliott, 1 run, full on off, square-driven for a single
  , Hastings to Elliott, no run, zipping through the channel, KW was in two minds there as well. Hanging his bat out before pulling it away
  , Hastings to Williamson, 1 run, good length and just a shade outside off, run down to third man for one
  , Hastings to Williamson, no run, rising short ball outside off, KW loads up for a pull. He decides against it at the last moment and jabs it back to the bowler
  , Hastings to Elliott, 1 run, this is even fuller on off, eased to deep cover
  , Hastings to Elliott, no run, full and attacking the off stump, defended on the front foot
  , Marsh to Williamson, no run, good length on off, played off the back foot to midwicket
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