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Australia vs South Africa
In Progress : South Africa won the toss and elected to field
( 44.1 overs )
South Africa

  , Steyn to Smith, 3 runs, that was full outside off, and he works it through AB, who misfields - shock, horror! - at short midwicket
  , Imran Tahir to Haddin, no run, beautifully bowled. He went back to cut, and the googly turned sharply and rapped him on the pad. The inside-edge saves him
  , Imran Tahir to Haddin, 2 runs, short, and he's back in a flash to pull to the left of deep midwicket
  , Imran Tahir to Smith, 1 leg bye, down the pitch, and he bowls the googly that turns and bounces from outside off. Smith prods forward to defend, and it goes off his pad into the leg side
  , Imran Tahir to Haddin, 1 run, shortish, and it hurries on, but quick feet help him get back and cut that in front of square
  , Imran Tahir to Haddin, SIX, there's the slog-sweep, and he catches that in the middle of his bat and it soars over midwicket and clears the ropes quite comfortably
  , Imran Tahir to Haddin, no run, full on leg stump, and short midwicket dives to his left to cut off that flick
  , Morkel to Haddin, 1 leg bye, short ball, angling down the leg side again, he gets a bit of hip on that and it dies just short of de Kock scrambling to his left
  , Morkel to Smith, 1 run, back of a length outside off, and he uses the angle to bunt it down into the on side and take a quick run
  , Morkel to Maxwell, OUT, down the track, doesn't get to the pitch, and he's slogged that straight up in the air. AB de Villiers takes a simple catch, running a few yards to his left from mid-on
  , Morkel to Maxwell, 1 wide, short, down the leg side, and de Kock lets out a wistful caught behind appeal. Maxwell looked to pull and got nowhere near the ball
  , Morkel to Maxwell, no run, that's full, and he whips it wristily from off stump to short midwicket
  , Morkel to Maxwell, no run, back of a length, and it straightens from outside off. Maxwell, pushing at it with half a bat, is beaten
  , Morkel to Maxwell, 2 runs, back of a length, comes in from outside off, and he gets on top of the bounce and steers it deftly to the left of third man
  , Morkel to Maxwell, 1 wide, full, and slants it down the leg side again. It hasn't been Morkel's best day in terms of accuracy
  , McLaren to Smith, 2 runs, length ball on off stump, and he drives it crisply to deep cover
  , McLaren to Smith, no run, short ball, and he looks to pull and inside-edges it into his body
  , McLaren to Smith, no run, length ball outside off, and Smith leaves it through to the keeper
  , McLaren to Maxwell, 1 run, short again, just outside off, and he pulls it hard to deep square leg
  , McLaren to Maxwell, no run, fuller now, on off stump, and he punches it down to mid-off
  , McLaren to Maxwell, FOUR, short ball, angling down the leg, and he's got enough bat on it to send it down to the fine leg boundary, very fine
  , Morkel to Bailey, OUT, what did he do there? Bailey was opened up by this back of a length ball that straightened just outside off, and it may have bounced more than expected, and, oh my, the ball's missed his outside edge completely and hit his trouser pocket on its way through to the keeper. The umpire's finger went up immediately
  , Morkel to Bailey, no run, length ball angling in towards off stump. Bailey knocks it to point, thinks of a single, and decides against it
  , Morkel to Bailey, SIX, short ball, and how well has he timed that? It was angling down leg, and he used the angle and swivelled to help that over the deep backward square leg boundary
  , Morkel to Bailey, no run, back of a length on off stump, defended back to the bowler off the back foot
  , Morkel to Bailey, 2 runs, looks to flick that from the stumps, and ends up skying it over the leg side. Two fielders chase, but it drops between AB running to his right from mid on and McLaren to his left from deep square leg
  , Morkel to Bailey, no run, back of a length, angling in and straightens towards off and middle. Jumps in the air to defend back to the bowler
  , McLaren to Maxwell, no run, short and wide, and Maxwell is beaten by bounce as he looks to slap it with an angled bat
  , McLaren to Bailey, 1 leg bye, back of a length, angling into the body, and he's hit on the thigh as he looks to tuck it through square leg. Rolls down towards short midwicket
  , McLaren to Bailey, 2 runs, short and wide and he has to reach for the ball to cut it to the right of third man
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