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Sydney Thunder vs Brisbane Heat
Finished : Sydney Thunder won by 56 runs
Sydney Thunder
( 20 overs )
Brisbane Heat
( 17.5 overs )

  , Cummins to Duffield, OUT, that's a full toss on the stumps, he backs away touch and goes for a slash, too quick as it beats the bat and knocks the stumps and a convincing 56 runs win for the Thunder.
  , Cummins to Duffield, no run, shortish down leg as Ryan misses his pull
  , Cummins to Gannon, 1 run, full down leg, dirven once again towards mid-off
  , Cummins to Duffield, 1 run, full, on the stumps, driven it straight to mid-off
  , Cummins to Hopes, OUT, Heat hopes ends up too with the wicket of Hopes, that been pushes full which followed him down leg which he was backing away, ends up with an edge which knocks back onto the stumps.
  , Nannes to Hopes, 1 run, full toss on the leg, works it away to third man for a single, 150 up for Heat
  , Nannes to Gannon, 1 run, fullish down leg, comes out and driven to sweeper cover for a single
  , Nannes to Gannon, no run, back of a length which followed Gannon, defends infront of the wicket
  , Nannes to Gannon, no run, on a length and moves across and was beaten once again
  , Nannes to Gannon, no run, widish length delivery and batsman unable to reach for it
  , Nannes to Vettori, OUT, Vettori goes for a duck too, moves across to the off side, Nannes pushes that full outside off and Vettori tries to work it on the leg side, ends up with an edge which been ricochet back onto the stumps.
  , McDonald to Vettori, 1 leg bye, length delivery on the leg, clips the pad for a leg bye
  , McDonald to Flintoff, OUT, McDonald gets another one, Freddie goes for a duck. He walks down the track and took it on the full, powers it and tries to clear Sandhu at long-off, didn't get the distance required and went into the safe hands.
  , McDonald to Flintoff, no run, comes out and gets it towards backward point
  , McDonald to Peirson, OUT, another one walks back in the search of runs, on a length outside off. Peirson stays on the crease and goes for a big slog which ends up slicing towards cover region where Mr cricket places underneath it and grabs it.
  , McDonald to Peirson, 1 wide, widish length delivery which moves away too much
  , McDonald to Peirson, no run, backs away to the leg side, bowler pushes that wide of off as he was beaten
  , McDonald to Peirson, SIX, that's been swung away by Peirson, back of a length and he gets it over the ropes
  , Sandhu to Flintoff, no run, pushes with soft hands to off side
  , Sandhu to Peirson, 1 run, short and slower, bottom edge back towards the keeper
  , Sandhu to Peirson, SIX, back of a length outside off, backs away and slashes hard at it which flies over backward point
  , Sandhu to Reardon, OUT, Sandhu gets another wicket, follows Reardon as he backs away to the leg side with a slower full delivery. Reardon ends up slicing it towards cover point where Hussey moves back and holds it
  , Sandhu to Reardon, FOUR, back of a length on the leg stump, swings it nicely bisecting two man at the deep on the leg side
  , Sandhu to Reardon, no run, drags it short and Reardon took it on the helmet as he took his eyes off, bit of concern around from the players
  , Cummins to Reardon, 1 run, length delivery, mistimes his drive back towards the bowler
  , Cummins to Reardon, no run, shortish once again and Reardon beaten for second consecutive time
  , Cummins to Reardon, no run, slower bounce, tries to glides it towards third man but beaten
  , Cummins to Reardon, SIX, Ah! that's been dragged short as he steps out, gets at the corner of the blade which clears the third man rope
  , Cummins to Peirson, 1 run, full toss on the stumps, pushes it down to long-on
  , Cummins to Peirson, no run, on a length outside off, Peirson stays on the crease and was beaten as he tries to drive
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