Live Cricket Scores
England vs India
Day 4 : India require another 426 runs with 10 wickets remaining

  , Anderson to Dhawan, 1 run, nicely done, let this shortish ball come to him and drops it towards midwicket
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, this time he spots the one darting in at him off a fuller length and prods forward to defend
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, brings him forward and jags the ball away, but Dhawan has judged the line well and leaves outside off
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, a little too wide to draw Dhawan's fishing rod out from gather dust. India would prefer it got reaaaally dusty, at least against Anderson
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, fuller and a touch wider outside off, Dhawan lets it through
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, banged hi shortish and angled into Dhawan, picked away towards the short leg, who is rather deep
  , Broad to Vijay, 2 runs, did that keep low? Ducked in a touch off a good length leaving Vijay a little uncertain, until he brings his bat down and enjoys an inside edge through the vacant square leg region
  , Broad to Vijay, FOUR, that's where you don't bowl to an Indian batsman, least of all to one in form. Broad knows it as he kicks the turf after seeing a length ball glanced to the fine leg boundary
  , Broad to Vijay, no run, switches out with one that straightens outside off, Vijay was pulled into an angled-bat defence
  , Broad to Vijay, no run, back of a length around the off stump, Vijay gets behind it
  , Broad to Vijay, no run, ventures fuller which brings a longer stride from Vijay, but still no bat with the ball being on fifth stump
  , Broad to Vijay, no run, curls in off a good length, Vijay exhibits good judgement outside off as he shoulders arms
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, in the channel, slightly short of a length and left well alone - maiden from Anderson
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, speared in and defended to the leg side
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, half-hearted appeal from Anderson as the ball strikes the front pad, the cordon went up for it but there was an inside edge involved - Anderson's first thought was to collect the follow through before asking the question
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, inswinger from around the wicket, attacking the stumps, Dhawan defends it solidly enough
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, pushed across the left-hander, who lets the ball sail though
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, length ball pushed into the covers coming forwards
  , Broad to Vijay, no run, goes across and defends a back-of-a-length delivery in front of off stump
  , Broad to Vijay, no run, short of a length and rearing up to strike Vijay on the glove, it came back at him with malice aforethought but well kept down in the end
  , Broad to Vijay, no run, good length, slightly wide and again this one is nodded through to the keeper
  , Broad to Vijay, no run, in the channel, not swinging at much for Broad, no stroke from the batsman
  , Broad to Vijay, no run, roughs him up with a bouncer, right at the top of Vijay's block, does well to weave his noggin out of the way right at the last second
  , Broad to Vijay, no run, stays on the back foot and jabs a length ball in front of point, "Yes!" "No!" call but they avoid a mix-up
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, shuffles across and tucks his bat next to his pad as a length ball whizzes through
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, in the corridor, length delivery holding its line, no stroke
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, now Anderson goes around the wicket, attempted inswinger and it veers down the leg side, Buttler takes it well on the dive
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, pre-emptive move forwards from Dhawan, banged in slightly short and wide and he hold his bat cocked in the air
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, slanted towards the slips, 85mph and left alone outside off
  , Anderson to Dhawan, no run, back of a length and beginning to move across Dhawan from leg stump as he hangs back and defends down on to the pitch
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