Live Cricket Scores
England vs India
Stumps : India require another 333 runs with 6 wickets remaining

  , Anderson to Sharma, 1 run, angling in with the arm, worked off a length wide of mid-on, easy single
  , Anderson to Rahane, 1 run, goes fuller, targeting the stumps and the ball stays a fraction low, Rahane does well to squeeze it away behind square off the bottom of the bat
  , Anderson to Rahane, no run, shortish again, rising over the stumps, worked down into the leg side
  , Anderson to Rahane, no run, slightly back of a length, hops across and defends in front of the off stump
  , Anderson to Rahane, no run, good length, angling back and tapped short on the leg side
  , Ballance to Sharma, no run, on target, straightening on middle stumps, defended coming forwards
  , Ballance to Sharma, no run, looped out wide of the stumps, another full toss that doesn't come out right, Rohit blinks and watches it lands just inside the return crease
  , Ballance to Sharma, no run,
  , Ballance to Rahane, 1 run, gives this some air outside off and Rahane tucks into another front-foot drive, half-stopped in the covers
  , Ballance to Rahane, no run, fullish, middle and off stump, blocked on the front foot before it has the chance to spin
  , Ballance to Rahane, FOUR, starts with a full toss, outside off and Rahane gets forward, drills it through the covers and past the dive of mid-off for four
  , Anderson to Sharma, no run, slightly back of a length, turns the ball on to his thigh pad and it drops short of the close catcher
  , Anderson to Sharma, no run, fullish, popped back top the bowler and dropped! Anderson puts his hands on his knees and stares at the ground, it was a one-handed chance, low to his left but the ball wasn't travelling fast and he knows he should have held it
  , Anderson to Sharma, 2 runs, fuller length outside off, Rohit gets forward and guides the ball through cover point for a couple
  , Anderson to Rahane, 1 run, digs this one on short, gets up but Rahane plays it well, rolls the wrists on a pull
  , Anderson to Rahane, no run, length, on off stump, blocked in front of square
  , Anderson to Rahane, no run, good line around off stump, slightly short and whirring back in as Rahane goes back to defend
  , Ali to Rahane, 1 run, flighted around the line of leg stump, goes down on one knee and sweeps firmly through backward square to the sweeper
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, better length, bouncing to hit high up the bat as Rahane plunges forward in defence
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, slips out of the hand, another full toss but he bunts it straight to midwicket
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, gives this some air, Rahane reaches out tot he pitch and drives to mid-off
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, tossed up and drifting towards off stump, tapped to the off side
  , Ali to Rahane, no run, bowling around the wicket now, flighted on the stumps, pushed back to the bowler
  , Broad to Sharma, no run, pitched up outside off stump, the bounce dies on its way through as Rohit shoulders arms
  , Broad to Rahane, 1 leg bye, slightly short and straight, clips the padding as Rahane moves to the off side, rolls behind square leg
  , Broad to Rahane, no run, length delivery, goes back and across and defends on off stump
  , Broad to Rahane, no run, bangs this in short, shaping at the batsman, who sways underneath
  , Broad to Sharma, 1 run, short ball, doesn't get up that much and Rohit is able to roll his wrists on a pull down to fine leg
  , Broad to Sharma, no run, length around off, gets in line and pushes back down the track
  , Ali to Rahane, FOUR, drops a little short and that is put away - not top-edged to the edge of the square as in the first innings - rocks back and pulls hard out to deep midwicket for four
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