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West Indies vs England
Day 5 : England require another 118 runs with 9 wickets remaining
West Indies

  , Holder to Cook, no run, another ball to wheel down to long leg, back of a length at the body
  , Holder to Cook, no run, slight back of a length just outside off, Cook across the off stump to tap into the covers
  , Gabriel to Cook, 1 run, short ball, pull and keeps it down well, plays straight to long leg
  , Gabriel to Cook, no run, back over the wicket, slides across the lefite who leaves alone
  , Gabriel to Cook, FOUR, leg side again and this time Cook gets a tickle on it fine of long leg, bit of a freebie
  , Gabriel to Cook, no run, better area just outside off, Cook covers off stump and shoulders arms
  , Gabriel to Cook, no run, this drifts down leg and takes a little pad on the way through to the keeper
  , Gabriel to Cook, no run, length ball two feet wide of off stump, Cook calmly lets it go
  , Holder to Ballance, no run, very full and wide of off stump, Ballance allows it to pass through once again
  , Holder to Ballance, 1 wide, this is pushed off the cut strip almost and called wide
  , Holder to Ballance, no run, wider line and now left
  , Holder to Ballance, no run, fuller and closer to off stump, calmly dabbed into the covers
  , Holder to Cook, 1 run, low full toss around middle and leg, clipped down to long leg
  , Holder to Cook, no run, still a tad short, this leaves Cook but he gets the bat inside the line well in time
  , Holder to Cook, FOUR, tad short and Cook onto it early to pull past midwicket, very well timed
  , Gabriel to Ballance, no run, better line from over the wicket, Ballance a touch unsure pushing forward at this and gets an inside edge up on the leg side from just outside off
  , Gabriel to Ballance, no run, back on a length, foot or so outside off so Ballance leaves
  , Gabriel to Ballance, no run, bumper, right on line, Ballance plays it very well, swaying inside the line kept his eye on it all the way
  , Gabriel to Ballance, no run, back of a length and wide enough to cut hard but straight to backward point
  , Gabriel to Ballance, no run, wide enough to shoulder arms to this outside off
  , Gabriel to Ballance, no run, around the wicket, length on off stump, Ballance taps it into the covers
  , Roach to Cook, no run, shoves this down leg, Cook flicks at it and misses
  , Roach to Cook, no run, back on a length and this time ignored
  , Roach to Cook, FOUR, but this is a drive ball, low full toss outside off, nicely eased through cover point
  , Roach to Cook, no run, not quite the drive length now and left alone
  , Roach to Cook, no run, full line wide of off stump, driven well but cover gets down and saves well
  , Roach to Cook, no run, wide enough outside off for Cook to shoulder arms
  , Gabriel to Ballance, 2 runs, fuller but too straight now and this is clipped wide of long leg for an easy couple
  , Gabriel to Ballance, no run, not quite as full and this is just dabbed out into the covers
  , Gabriel to Ballance, no run, full length at off stump, Ballance drives it up towards mid-on
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