Live Cricket Scores
Australia vs England
Finished : England won by 8 wickets

  , Marsh to Root, FOUR, on the pads and Root whips it through square for a boundary - that's is, England have won by eight wickets and take a 2-1 lead in the Ashes
  , Lyon to Root, 1 run, comes down and flicks the ball by taking it on the full to mid-on for one
  , Lyon to Root, no run, goes back in the crease and blocks it after the turn
  , Lyon to Root, FOUR, bit of flight around off and Root sweeps that nicely to the backward square leg boundary for four
  , Lyon to Bell, 1 run, more towards the batsman, he helps it to midwicket for a quick one
  , Lyon to Bell, no run, turn outside off again, Bell leaves again
  , Lyon to Bell, no run, turning in from outside off, easy leave for Bell
  , Marsh to Root, FOUR, short this time, moving away too and Root steers that past backward point with a well-timed cut for four
  , Marsh to Root, no run, full on middle now, Root presents the straight bat to drive to mid-on again
  , Marsh to Root, no run, full on middle and leg, pushed down straight to mid-on
  , Marsh to Root, no run, shapes it away from length again, Root leans and leaves
  , Marsh to Root, no run, seams it away a bit from outside off, Root lets it go
  , Marsh to Root, no run, pretty full outside off, it's blocked down to mid-on
  , Lyon to Bell, 2 runs, lots of bounce, edge balloons and goes wide of slip as Bell went back to cut and got a thick edge
  , Lyon to Root, 1 run, turning in sharply, he goes back and works it to fine leg
  , Lyon to Bell, 1 run, comes down this time and drives it with the turn towards midwicket
  , Lyon to Bell, no run, goes back to open up for the short ball and pulls. Falls a few yards short of Marsh at midwicket, just at the edge of the circle
  , Lyon to Bell, no run, waits for it to turn and defends to short leg now
  , Lyon to Bell, no run, turning into the batsman, he clips to leg and it falls just short of leg slip
  , Johnson to Root, no run, bowls the last ball from behind the umpire, swings it in and Root leaves and smiles
  , Johnson to Root, no run, pretty wide and full outside off, Root nowhere close to it and the ball swung it just a bit to be not called a wide
  , Johnson to Root, no run, down the leg side again with the angle, nothing on the way. Nevill pouches it and the crowd appeals!
  , Johnson to Root, no run, bangs it in short from outside off, Root defends off his toes
  , Johnson to Root, no run, there's an appeal for some bat down the leg side, Nevill catches everything. Aleem Dar doesn't move, Clarke reviews. It was angling down leg as Root looked to glance it down. Hot Spot shows no bat, Snicko shows something but it's the pad, not bat
  , Johnson to Root, no run, Johnson targets the stumps from wide of the crease, Root blocks off the back foot
  , Lyon to Bell, no run, full and outside off, driven nice and straight to cover
  , Lyon to Bell, no run, presses forward and blocks this one on off
  , Lyon to Bell, FOUR, touch wider, Bell gets to free his arms and heaves it to the midwicket boundary. Don't think he got the middle, but got enough to beat the fielders
  , Lyon to Bell, no run, length delivery coming in, Bell blocks it back now
  , Lyon to Bell, no run, some drift towards off, it's full and punched back to Lyon
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