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South Africa vs Zimbabwe
Finished : South Africa won by 61 runs
South Africa
( 49.5 overs )
( 38.3 overs )

  , Steyn to Vitori, OUT, he's gone now, easy catch for QDK over his head! Steyn banged one in again and this was around off, Vitori looked for the upper cut but managed an outside edge behind the stumps
  , Steyn to Vitori, 2 runs, another short ball - another pull - and another one falls safe! Vitori pulled this one from leg stump towards the edge of the circle past mid-on and Phangiso ran to his left and jumped like Boris Becker but couldn't get there. Excellent effort, nevertheless
  , Steyn to Vitori, no run, short ball on leg, miscued pull falls well short of short midwicket
  , McLaren to Chatara, no run, another swing and a miss, this was on length outside off, he tried another heave and missed
  , McLaren to Chatara, no run, in the block hole well outside off, Chatara chases and misses
  , McLaren to Vitori, 1 run, short on the leg stump, Vitori gets off the mark with a pull which produces a leading edge towards square leg
  , McLaren to Chatara, 1 run, back to the short ball - this one's going towards leg and it's helped with a pull to deep fine leg
  , McLaren to Chatara, FOUR, much fuller around off and Chatara plays a cross-batted heave over the infield on the leg side to collect a boundary
  , McLaren to Chatara, no run, short balls continue - Chatara misses the pull and takes one near the shoulder as he played it early
  , Steyn to Vitori, no run, makes room to slap it away but gets a bottom edge from the length delivery on the off side
  , Steyn to Chatara, 1 run, nasty short ball as it goes off the pad and thigh guard behind square on the leg side
  , Steyn to Chigumbura, OUT, full toss again and this one gets a wicket! Steyn's being trying a yorker and this full toss was on the pads, Chigumbura flicked it away to the leg side but found the deep backward square leg fielder where Rossouw took a catch running in
  , Steyn to Chigumbura, FOUR, another one, this also goes for four! Short ball on the stumps, he makes a bit of room and tonks it back past the bowler
  , Steyn to Chigumbura, no run, falls short of mid-off! the attempted yorker turned into a low full toss on off which was smashed down the ground and fell just short of Miller
  , Steyn to Chigumbura, FOUR, it's on target on the stumps but he's not scared to put it away in the air over the in-field which he clears easily and gets a one-bounce boundary to the long-on area for a four
  , McLaren to Chatara, no run, rolls his fingers over this one as it lands in the block hole on off, Chatara blocks it back
  , McLaren to Chatara, no run, fuller this time outside off and he defends it towards cover point
  , McLaren to Chatara, no run, another shot ball rises too much! It was short of length and cut in again and hit the batsman's Chest after the bounce surprised him
  , McLaren to Chatara, no run, on length outside off and he lets it go
  , McLaren to Nyumbu, OUT, short ball gets the wicket this time, McLaren gets two in two! The ball jabbed in sharply and rose after pitching, Nyumbu dropped his arms but the ball touched something before being pouched by QDK and the finger went up. Replays suggest the ball touched the arm guard, not the glove. Nyumbu is unhappy
  , McLaren to Utseya, OUT, he strikes again, and this one's caught behind! It cut in a touch after pitching on short of length and Utseya looked to run it down to third man but got an edge to de Kock who took the easy catch. Seven down now Zimbabwe
  , McLaren to Utseya, 1 wide, starts by straying down the leg side for a wide
  , Imran Tahir to Chigumbura, 2 runs, short of length on leg, swatted by going down on one knee to deep square leg in the gap and that's drinks
  , Imran Tahir to Utseya, 1 run, flighted full toss around off, driven past short cover for one more
  , Imran Tahir to Chigumbura, 1 run, flighted on middle stump now, pushed down easily to long-on
  , Imran Tahir to Chigumbura, no run, drifting in towards off stump with flight, he presses forward and blocks
  , Imran Tahir to Chigumbura, no run, googly comes in towards the batsman from outside off, he can't get it away
  , Imran Tahir to Utseya, 1 run, flighted on off and it's paddle-swept fine on the leg side for one
  , McLaren to Chigumbura, no run, length delivery outside off, cut off the back foot to point
  , McLaren to Utseya, 1 run, short ball towards leg, pulled with the angle to deep fine leg
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