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Ireland vs Zimbabwe
Finished : Zimbabwe won by 2 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
( 50 overs )
( 49 overs )

  , Murtagh to Panyangara, FOUR, what a way to finish the match! Panyangara steps down the track to meet the ball on the half volley,and crunches the ball straight down the ground for four! Scenes!
  , Murtagh to Sikandar Raza, 1 run, huge cheers erupt as Raza sends the ball down to third man with an angled bat.
  , Murtagh to Panyangara, 1 run, hit down the ground, but a diving mid-off cuts it off! That would have been the game, but it's just a single.
  , Murtagh to Panyangara, 1 wide, wide ball! Murtagh shoots this one down the leg side. Panyangara aimed a Moin Khan-esque flick at it, but couldn't connect. Still, a run and an extra ball for Zimbabwe.
  , Murtagh to Panyangara, no run, another dot ball, pressure builds. This was on a length outside off. Panyangara wanted the single to third man, but he found point instead.
  , Murtagh to Panyangara, no run, another dot. It's hard to see where the gap in the field is for Panyangara. He pushes this one to point and charges down the track, but Raza sends him back.
  , Murtagh to Panyangara, no run, a length delivery is tapped to mid-on, and there's no run there.
  , O'Brien to Panyangara, 1 run, off the inside edge! Barely a ball has passed without drama in the last 10 minutes. Panyangara stepped forward and wanted to drive down the ground, but the ball flew off the inside edge and went to square leg instead.
  , O'Brien to Sikandar Raza, 1 run, clubbed down the ground again. O'Brien sticks out a boot, but he can't stop it and they take a single.
  , O'Brien to Panyangara, 1 run, in the air again! This was the leading edge now, and it popped up just past a diving fielder at short extra cover. They charge through for a single, and might have had an overthrow too.
  , O'Brien to Sikandar Raza, 1 run, smashed back at the bowler! I don't think he got a hand to it, though it was in the air. Just the single
  , O'Brien to Panyangara, 1 run, nicely played by the tailender. He gets forward and drives with a straight bat to collect a single to mid-off's right.
  , O'Brien to Sikandar Raza, 1 run, short of a good length, Raza slaps it like a tennis forehand down to long-off.
  , Murtagh to Panyangara, no run, a yorker on middle and off is dug out to mid-off, Panyangara survives.
  , Murtagh to Panyangara, no run, fuller this time, and Panyangara leans forward to drive to point.
  , Murtagh to Panyangara, no run, a length delivery is met with a dead bat from Panyangara
  , Murtagh to Sikandar Raza, 2 runs, OUT, drama! Is there another twist in this tale? Raza lofted a length delivery out to deep cover, where it fell safely. They took the first two runs easily, but Raza wanted a third. Masakadza committed to the run straight away, but it was never on. Joyce's throw from the deep went to Porterfield at cover, who relayed it to the keeper, catching the batsman well short.
  , Murtagh to Sikandar Raza, 2 runs, is that another drop? It looked like it! A really tough chance for Wilson behind the stumps. It was another full ball, but this time the shot came off the face of the bat and flew past the keeper.
  , Murtagh to Sikandar Raza, 2 runs, nicely played by Raza. The ball was full and wide, yorker length really, but he jammed the bat down on it to get the ball through point. Raza always wanted the second run, and returns to his crease as the throw came in.
  , Mooney to Masakadza, no run, Mooney ends the over with a legitimate bouncer, the left-hander ducking underneath it.
  , Mooney to Masakadza, 2 runs, superb running from the batsmen! Wellington flicked to leg and the fielder at fine leg charged in, but the call for two came very quickly, and they made it with a second or two to spare.
  , Mooney to Masakadza, 1 wide, Mooney bends his back as he attempts a bouncer, but it shoots down the leg side. A clear wide.
  , Mooney to Sikandar Raza, 1 run, fifty up for Raza, and it's warmly greeted by the animated crowd that's come in this afternoon. It was another tap and run single, this time in front of point. Plenty of cheering down at Castle Corner.
  , Mooney to Sikandar Raza, FOUR, down the ground! Mooney charged in and bowled a full toss. Raza cleared his front leg and powered the ball down the ground.
  , Mooney to Masakadza, 1 run, on the pads, and it's neatly glanced down to fine leg.
  , Mooney to Masakadza, no run, his first ball is very full indeed, though not quite the yorker. Wellington digs it out to mid-off.
  , Dockrell to Sikandar Raza, no run, and Raza sees Dockrell's final delivery off with a defensive nudge to midwicket.
  , Dockrell to Sikandar Raza, no run, sliced away to point off the back foot. No run.
  , Dockrell to Masakadza, 1 run, dropped! This was very full on off stump, and Wellington wanted to drive down the ground. He drove it in the air, low but catchable. Dockrell got a hand to it in his follow-through but couldn't cling on. How important will that prove?
  , Dockrell to Masakadza, no run, plopped down very close as Wellington defends on the off side. Both batsman perked up at the thought of a cheeky single, but it wasn't on.
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