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India vs Sri Lanka
Day 4 : India lead by 150 runs with 7 wickets remaining
Sri Lanka

  , Mathews to Kohli, FOUR, such good timing. Anything on the pads will be dispatched because of his bottom hand, and how strong that is
  , Mathews to Kohli, no run, lovely bowling, just on that fifth stump, and then it seams away off a good length. Kohli has done well too, jumping back and across and leaving
  , Mathews to Kohli, no run, starts with a bouncer on middle and off, the batsman ducks easily. A little banter between Mathews and umpire Tucker
  , Herath to Kohli, 1 run, pitches just before Kohlis front foot, making him reach a touch away from his body as he drives to long-off.
  , Herath to RG Sharma, 1 run, made him wait as the flighted ball hung in the air outside off, Rohit drives nicely to long-off
  , Herath to Kohli, 1 run, goes back against a flatter delivery, judged length early there, and whips it through square leg
  , Herath to RG Sharma, 1 run, there it is, on fourth stump, nicely tossed up. Rohit drives to long-off. A long-off is in place, by the way
  , Herath to RG Sharma, no run, weaves that front leg aside to knock a well flighted delivery to short midwicket. Wrong line for the moment from Herath
  , Herath to RG Sharma, no run, loops the ball in on leg stump, Rohit stretches forward to defend
  , Prasad to Kohli, no run, shortish on off stump, Kohli waits on it just that bit to whip it to midwicket. Powerful bottom hand
  , Prasad to Kohli, FOUR, picked away! Good batting from Kohli, saw the bad ball - half-volley outside leg - and did not overdo it. Just trusted himself, and made sure to place it well to the right of long leg. Sweet flick of the wrists
  , Prasad to Kohli, no run, back of a length on off stump, Kohli covers the line with a block. Nicely done. Solidly done. But again, they have looked solid off the shorter deliveries
  , Prasad to Kohli, 1 wide, slips in the bouncer, again he has overextended himself. Banged into the middle of the deck and it travels well above Kohlis head as he ducks
  , Prasad to Kohli, no run, well done, immediately corrects himself as he presents a straight bat to a really full delivery on middle and leg
  , Prasad to Kohli, no run, wants to take a full delivery from off stump into the leg side, but Dhammika manages to get the ball to straighten and lures the leading edge to short cover. Looks disappointed that he was sucked into a bad shot like that
  , Prasad to Kohli, no run, looks like he is trying to get on a roll. Lunges forward and outside off to try and punch a good length ball through the covers. But he has reached position too soon, and is playing just a bit away from the body. Inside edges to mid-on
  , Pradeep to RG Sharma, no run, uncertain on the front foot, because it wasnt pitched right up there. But Rohit has played as close to the body as he could, and the clip to midwicket goes only a short distance in the air
  , Pradeep to Kohli, 1 run, meets the short delivery under his eyes and knocks it around to square leg for a single
  , Pradeep to Kohli, 1 wide, soars over the batsman on middle, far too high, to be allowed. Kohli, who is standing out of his crease, has to duck
  , Pradeep to Kohli, no run, a shade shorter, which allows the batsman a little more time to spy it outside off, easily left
  , Pradeep to Kohli, no run, fullish and angled in on fourth stump, defended
  , Pradeep to Kohli, no run, oh, teaser again. But Kohli seems to have learned. So has Pradeep, because he has bowled this fuller and around fifth stump. The batsman has dragged his front foot outside off, seen the ball posing no threat to off sump and leaves
  , Pradeep to Kohli, no run, back of a length on and around off stump, Kohli stays back (and that is with him standing outside his crease) and blocks
  , Prasad to RG Sharma, no run, shorter length allows Rohit the time, because he has stayed back, and punches it to midwicket. Cautious cricket, almost as if both teams are waiting for the other to blink
  , Prasad to RG Sharma, no run, wild appeal from Dhammik, with those eyes of his getting as big as plates. No chance for an lbw there because it hit Rohits front foot outside the line. Did swerve the ball back off a fuller length to put the batsman in a bit of a tangle
  , Prasad to RG Sharma, no run, switches it up with the ball angled in and full on off stump, Rohit protects it well
  , Prasad to RG Sharma, no run, beautifully bowled. He keeps bowling these teasers - the ball was floated full and a bit outside off, Rohit thinks it is a half-volley and goes for the booming drive, it pitches short of where he thought and beats his outside edge
  , Prasad to RG Sharma, no run, came forward a tad too quickly that time, and so his defensive push gets an inside edge. That is reward for the fuller length from Dhammika, the little bit of seam is spotted too late for the batsman to make amends for
  , Prasad to RG Sharma, no run, wants to play as late as possible, and is helped by a shorter length. Adjusts to the indipper with a back foot block
  , Pradeep to Kohli, no run, stamps that front foot forward and across, which gives him a good bearing that the good length ball is not threatening his off stump, and so he leaves
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