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South Africa vs West Indies
In Progress : West Indies won the toss and elected to field
South Africa
( 2.3 overs )
West Indies

  , Cottrell to Amla, no run, full but nice inswing to not give Amla much room outside off, he pushes it down to mid off
  , Cottrell to Amla, no run, bangs in a short ball with the angle outside off, Amla stays back and defends it
  , Holder to du Plessis, no run, angled in this time towards off stump, Faf goes back and pushes it down to mid on
  , Holder to du Plessis, no run, leans forward and blocks the length delivery from outside off into the covers
  , Holder to du Plessis, no run, length delivery close to off is defended back
  , Holder to du Plessis, 1 wide, angles it down the leg side for another wide
  , Holder to de Kock, OUT, that's gone high in the air, easy catch for point and de Kock's return lasts only seven balls. De Kock pulled the short ball which had good bounce, he didn't get in the right position and a top edge went in the air for Carter. His bottom hand came off the bat has he swiveled on the back foot to make up for the extra bounce
  , Holder to de Kock, 1 wide, good take by Ramdin as Holder bowls a back of length wide down leg
  , Holder to Amla, 1 run, wider outside off and it's punched to deep point for one. That's why there's no third man
  , Holder to Amla, no run, length delivery outside off and Amla lets it go
  , Cottrell to de Kock, FOUR, flashes it over the point region and gets four! He got enough room this time to free his arms, it was fullish too and he swung it over point well in the air for four
  , Cottrell to de Kock, no run, fuller around off and it's driven to cover point again, bit of fumble but no run
  , Cottrell to de Kock, no run, middles it this time off the back foot to cover point with a punch
  , Cottrell to de Kock, no run, swing and a miss! He chases this outswinger from length outside off, and it shapes away enough to beat him
  , Cottrell to de Kock, no run, on good length this time around off with some outswing, he doesn't move his feet at all and blocks
  , Cottrell to de Kock, no run, slightly back of length on the off stump, de Kock stays back and defends it back
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