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South Africa vs West Indies
Finished : South Africa won by 257 runs
South Africa
( 50 overs )
West Indies
( 33.1 overs )

  , Morkel to Benn, OUT, pops up to slip and that's done! Joint biggest defeat in World Cup! It was short and on Benn's body, he can't get away from it and pulls his hands up to try and block. Only ends up sliding it to the slip fielder
  , Steyn to Benn, 1 run, shortish on off stump, pulls past square leg
  , Steyn to Benn, no run, goes short on leg stump and Benn tucks his head under his shoulders and swings his bat only to protect himself from getting hit in the chest
  , Steyn to Holder, OUT, moves away and tries to pull a shortish delivery that was following him and skews a catch to mid-on. Had tried to make room to open up the off side but Steyn had spotted it and bested him.
  , Steyn to Holder, no run, fuller delivery on off stump, kept out
  , Steyn to Holder, SIX, What. A. Shot! Pressed forward and took a length ball from outside off and smeared it over the extra cover boundary. If every brutality is elegant, it's Jason Holder
  , Steyn to Holder, no run, back of a length on off stump, Taylor defends
  , Morkel to Taylor, 2 runs, fuller delivery outside off and Taylor's shown he loves to drive on the up. Lifts it over extra cover and Rossouw catches up with it right on the edge of the boundary. Good sliding save
  , Morkel to Taylor, FOUR, fuller delivery outside off, hammered over extra cover like a top-order bat! Well, he does have a Test ton to his name and shots like that are the reason why. Got forward to the pitch of this ball and creamed it
  , Morkel to Taylor, no run, banged in short on middle, Holder ducks under it
  , Morkel to Holder, 1 run, shortish and outside off, punched through the covers to bring up his fifty. Raises his bat, but there is no cheer in him
  , Morkel to Holder, no run, beaten outside off again as this is a back of a length delivery nibbles away
  , Morkel to Holder, no run, back of a length and outside off, looks to guide it to third man and misses
  , Abbott to Holder, 1 run, fuller delivery outside off, caressed into the covers for a quick single
  , Abbott to Holder, 2 runs, full toss, with a little inswing. Clipped to the of deep square leg and picks up a couple
  , Abbott to Holder, FOUR, shortish and outside off, that time he had the room to work with and Holder nails a pull to the midwicket boundary. Big man, lots of power
  , Abbott to Holder, no run, full on off stump, pushed to mid-on
  , Abbott to Taylor, 1 run, goes short, it's a top edge and it too lands safely! Rossouw was running back from square leg and dives headlong after the ball, Tahir was running up from long leg. Bisects them. But Taylor was nowhere near in control of this terrific short ball. Rose above his eyeline and did not give him the room to free his arms
  , Abbott to Taylor, no run, fuller delivery outside off, bunted to mid-on off the bottom of the bat
  , Imran Tahir to Holder, SIX, length ball, he gets under it and slogs over the long-on boundary. Miles over it
  , Imran Tahir to Holder, FOUR, flighted outside off, Holder stays beside the ball and lifts it over extra cover. Big, booming strike to try and save West Indies some blushes
  , Imran Tahir to Taylor, 1 run, misjudged by point! That was a catch as well! Tayloe goes against the turn for a swipe over the leg side and Abbott is running back, head craned back to keep his eyes on the ball, he turns around his left side to run back and that's his mistake. Loses speed, loses distance, loses the chance
  , Imran Tahir to Taylor, no run, lands a yorker on off stump and keeps Taylor quiet
  , Imran Tahir to Holder, 1 run, tossed up outside off and Holder scythes the ball through cover point. One more run to avoid the worst defeat in ODI cricket
  , Imran Tahir to Taylor, 1 run, rippling wrong 'un, goes back and clips the ball through midwicket
  , Abbott to Holder, no run, fuller delivery pushed down to mid-on
  , Abbott to Taylor, 1 run, point was running back, third man was running in. A call needed to be made, but it hadn't come and Taylor is able to get away with a thick outside edge that flew over the cordon. Length ball gets Taylor playing wildly
  , Abbott to Taylor, no run, shortish and outside off gets a mistimed pull as the answer. Doesnt go beyond the inner circle
  , Abbott to Taylor, FOUR, low full toss, that curls in quite late as well. Taylor is able to put his feet out of the way and clip it, one-handed, through wide mid-on
  , Abbott to Holder, 1 run, fuller delivery, drilled through the covers
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