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South Africa vs West Indies
In Progress : West Indies require another 185 runs with 4 wickets and 13.0 overs remaining
South Africa
( 42 overs )
West Indies
( 29 overs )

  , Parnell to Carter, OUT, wicket on the first ball, wicket on the last ball, and both off the short ball! Carter waited for the short ball to come to him and played the ramp shot by opening the face of the bat to guide the ball to third man where Abbott took a simple catch
  , Parnell to Carter, no run, on length on the off stump, he defends it back
  , Parnell to Carter, no run, length delivery outside off, left alone by Carter
  , Parnell to Russell, 1 run, makes a bit of room and pushes the short of length ball to mid off
  , Parnell to Russell, no run, short ball for Russell as well, it's well outside off and he misses the pull
  , Parnell to Ramdin, OUT, that's a spectacular catch from Amla! Parnell banged in the short ball, Ramdin stayed back and took his eyes off the ball but didn't drop his hands and it lobbed off the gloves towards midwicket where Amla ran to his right and dived to catch it just inches off the ground
  , Abbott to Russell, FOUR, third short ball outside off, Russell smacks it with a pull wide of mid on in the gap for four
  , Abbott to Russell, no run, another short ball, he ducks under it and lets it go
  , Abbott to Russell, no run, short ball well outside off, he lets it go
  , Abbott to Samuels, OUT, middle stump knocked over! Samuels made room to smash it on the off side, misses it completely and the full delivery crashes into the middle stump. Umpire wants to check the no ball - it's very very close and tough to say if there was a part of the heel behind the line for sure. From one angle it looks like it's not a no ball. Samuels has to go back
  , Abbott to Ramdin, 1 run, swats a short of length ball to deep midwicket for one
  , Abbott to Ramdin, 1 wide, ducks under the bouncer which is called wide
  , Abbott to Ramdin, no run, loud appeal for catch from de Kock, stifled form Abbott, as Ramdin tried to slog it to leg but missed and the ball got his leg on the way before reaching the keeper
  , Parnell to Ramdin, 1 run, in the block hole wide outside off, he tries to tap it on off but inside edge goes to fine leg for one. Time for drinks
  , Parnell to Samuels, 1 run, taps the length delivery angled across to third man and that's the fifty for Samuels
  , Parnell to Ramdin, 1 run, fullish on the stumps, slogs it to deep midwicket for one more
  , Parnell to Ramdin, SIX, short ball, hammered, goes all the way! Ramdin picked the length early and sent it flat over the midwicket boundary for a powerful six
  , Parnell to Samuels, 1 run, fuller on middle and leg, clipped to midwicket for one
  , Parnell to Samuels, no run, tries to nudge the ball angled across towards third man, chases and misses
  , Behardien to Samuels, 1 run, clipped off the pads to deep midwicket for one
  , Behardien to Samuels, FOUR, too full and Samuels smashes it straight down the ground for a four by beating long off
  , Behardien to Samuels, SIX, that's gone too high, that's gone far as well, six more! Legcutter from Behardien just outside off and Samuels tonked it over the long on boundary
  , Behardien to Samuels, SIX, that's too full and wide, Samuels jumps on it and lofts it with an inside out drive over the cover boundary for six!
  , Behardien to Samuels, no run, short of length coming in, pulled to midwicket
  , Behardien to Ramdin, 1 run, fullish and wide, driven powerfully but straight to deep cover after a bounce
  , Parnell to Samuels, no run, gets a bottom edge for the slower length ball outside off, it bounces once before reaching the keeper
  , Parnell to Samuels, 1 wide, another attempt to pull the short ball, he swings the bat and misses
  , Parnell to Samuels, no run, clears his front foot to pull again but can't middle it and gets an inside edge onto his pad
  , Parnell to Samuels, no run, makes room and slams the ball to mid on
  , Parnell to Samuels, no run, taps the short of length ball from outside off to backward point
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