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Chennai T20 vs Mohali T20
Finished : Mohali T20 won by 6 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
Chennai T20
( 20 overs )
Mohali T20
( 18.5 overs )

  , Sharma to Bailey, FOUR, that's emphatic! Short ball pulled powerfully to the deep midwicket boundary and the two Punjab batsman exchange big smiles and a hug as well
  , Sharma to Bailey, FOUR, in the slot and Bailey has hoicked it over the long-on boundary. Cleared his front leg and let the hands go
  , Sharma to Bailey, 2 runs, good length ball which grips the pitch and darts outside off, Bailey muscles a mistimed pull through midwicket
  , Sharma to Miller, 1 run, full toss outside off, Miller flashes and gets a thick outside edge to third man
  , Sharma to Bailey, 1 run, shortish and outside off, cut away strongly to deep extra cover
  , Nehra to Miller, no run, walked at the bowler who fired in a leg stump yorker, misses the flick and the stumps en route to the keeper
  , Nehra to Bailey, 1 run, finds the yorker outside off and Bailey pushes it down to long-on
  , Nehra to Bailey, no run, full and speared in on the pads, Bailey looks to swipe it away but gets struck on the pads. No appeal, would have gone well down leg
  , Nehra to Miller, 1 run, low full toss outside off, Miller opens the face and slices it to deep point
  , Nehra to Bailey, 1 run, slower ball on off stump, Bailey isn't fooled as he dabs into the covers and rotates the strike. That's all that's needed with an equation reading 14 off 16
  , Nehra to Miller, 1 run, full toss on leg stump, picked away to deep midwicket
  , Jadeja to Miller, 1 run, good length ball on middle and off, he strides forward to push it down the ground to long-on
  , Jadeja to Miller, 2 runs, good length ball on middle and leg, turned away to deep square leg for a couple that brings Miller his fifty
  , Jadeja to Miller, SIX, over long-off this time. Punjab are in a hurry to finish this off. Another little trip down the track and though it hit the bottom of the bat, it had enough to clear the fielder in the deep
  , Jadeja to Miller, SIX, offers length and Miller has pounced. He was down the track and belts it way into the crowd behind long-on
  , Jadeja to Bailey, 1 run, a little more flight but he's pushing towards leg stump. Bailey works it away behind square leg
  , Jadeja to Bailey, 2 runs, darted in on leg stump, Bailey swivels on the back foot and sweeps it down to long leg
  , Smith to Miller, FOUR, that was clever. Waited on this shortish ball with just a little room and he dabbed it fine of short third man and it just skimmed away
  , Smith to Bailey, 1 run, fullish on off stump, eased through point to get off the mark
  , Smith to Maxwell, OUT, what a yorker! Leg stump has been uprooted. There was no room to manoevre it, which was what Maxi was trying to do with a bit of an open face but the ball just kept coming in at him and cramping him up. He also seemed a little surprised by the extra pace on that and walks off the field with his bat raised. He's missed a personal landmark, but has placed his team in a very good position
  , Smith to Maxwell, FOUR, sliding down the pads and he's whipped it away to the long leg boundary. He's stormed into the mid-nineties now
  , Smith to Maxwell, SIX, length ball on off stump, Maxwell's hammered it down the ground. Just throw the ball back from beyond the boundary
  , Smith to Miller, 1 run, fired in full on leg stump to cramp him for room, Miller clips to deep square leg
  , Ashwin to Maxwell, no run, flighted on the pads, nudged into midwicket
  , Ashwin to Maxwell, no run, was that another switch hit? He changed his stance but not the grip on his bat as he reverse swept to third man
  , Ashwin to Miller, 1 run, skips down the track but has to settle for an inside edge that squirts off to deep square leg. He's been off colour all through but Punjab are still in the driver's seat
  , Ashwin to Maxwell, 1 run, short and on the pads again, Maxi pulls to deep square leg
  , Ashwin to Maxwell, 1 wide, it's the carrom ball this time and he's pitched it rather wide outside leg. Maxi goes for a swat seeking the long leg boundary, but misses
  , Ashwin to Maxwell, 2 runs, clipped away neatly off his legs as Ashwin fears to toss the ball up. That's the 100 partnership. Maxi's got 67 of them
  , Ashwin to Maxwell, FOUR, starts off with a legspinner which Maxi picks as he charges down the track and slams it to the long-off boundary
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