Live Cricket Scores
England vs New Zealand
Day 5 : New Zealand require another 284 runs with 5 wickets remaining
New Zealand

  , Wood to Watling, no run, beats the outside edge, moves away from the right-hander, Watling followed it and got beaten, lovely bowling here
  , Wood to Watling, no run, tighter line, better length, Watling plays forward and dabs out to backward point
  , Wood to Watling, no run, wide enough to leave outside off
  , Wood to Watling, no run, two feet wide of off stump and left alone
  , Wood to Watling, no run, this now bounces and wraps Watling on the gloves, did well to keep this down towards gully
  , Stokes to Anderson, no run, not bad, full length sliding across the left-hander, Anderson able to leave it alone
  , Stokes to McCullum, OUT, length ball swings this back and bowled him!! Two in two, McCullum cramped up with the delivery nipping back into him and he couldn't keep it out. The afternoon suddenly transformed and Stokes is the man for England. It's come sharply back at McCullum, into his thigh pad, up onto the bat and then down onto the stumps, New Zealand's skipper gone first ball
  , Stokes to Williamson, OUT, and now he's got him! Caught in the gully, Williamson pressing away from his body and he's guided this to gully where Joe Root holds on low to his right. Huge wicket and a run of good deliveries, creating problems for Williamson, has forced a mistake, a little bounce again here and Williamson couldn't keep the stroke down, thickish outside edge and Root got down low to take the chance with two hands. 45 minutes of careful batting since lunch has been ended
  , Stokes to Williamson, no run, fuller and this straightens to beat the edge once more, another cracker from Stokes
  , Stokes to Williamson, no run, similar ball and this bounces and nips away to beat the edge! So close from Stokes getting one to talk and almost getting a nick
  , Stokes to Williamson, no run, back of a length, Williamson up on his toes dabbing this out on the off side
  , Wood to Watling, no run, fuller length, foot wide of off stump and Watling shoulders arms
  , Wood to Williamson, 1 run, shade outside off, this is dabbed into the covers for a quick single
  , Wood to Watling, 1 run, touch shorter and this is turned down to long leg
  , Wood to Watling, no run, straight line again, defended back to the bowler again
  , Wood to Watling, no run, wider outside off and this is left alone
  , Wood to Watling, no run, full towards off stump, Watling comes forward and defends back to the bowler
  , Stokes to Williamson, no run, back and off stump and patted back up the pitch
  , Stokes to Williamson, no run, outside off now, this is just wide enough for Williamson to leave alone
  , Stokes to Williamson, no run, straighter, Williamson struck on the pad looking to turn this into the leg side
  , Stokes to Williamson, no run, foot outside off, this is cut off a bottom edge and it bounces up to third slip
  , Stokes to Williamson, no run, touch straighter, tad fuller too, this is tucked up to mid-on
  , Stokes to Williamson, no run, length ball around off stump, Williamson defends easily around off stump
  , Wood to Watling, no run, well outside off now and this is left alone
  , Wood to Watling, 4 leg byes, touch straight and this is deflected off the pad to the fine leg boundary
  , Wood to Watling, no run, goes for the yorker, gets it in around off stump, Watling digs it out into the leg side but too close to midwicket for a single
  , Wood to Watling, no run, middle and off line, careful forward defence up towards mid-on
  , Wood to Watling, no run, full length but a touch wide to deter any stroke
  , Wood to Williamson, 1 run, back foot dab in front of point for a quick single
  , Broad to Williamson, 1 run, touch straight and this is worked down to long leg
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