Live Cricket Scores
India vs England
Stumps : England trail by 414 runs with 9 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 161 overs )
( 17 overs )

  , Sharma to Ballance, no run,
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, slanted across the left-hander on a good length, wide enough to leave
  , Sharma to Ballance, 2 runs, on the pads and clipped firmly behind square for a couple
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, continues over the wicekt, length ball outside off, gets on the front foot and defends
  , Sharma to Robson, 1 run, angled in and dabbed short into the covers, sets off quickly and there's an easy single there
  , Sharma to Robson, no run, comes forward and lets a length ball through in the channel
  , Binny to Ballance, no run, fullish around off stump and Ballance again blocks coming forwards
  , Binny to Ballance, no run, good length in the channel, gets on the front foot and pushes into the covers
  , Binny to Ballance, no run, pushed across towards the slips, 80mph and skipping off the surface, left alone
  , Binny to Robson, 1 run, touch short and over the stumps, Robson has plenty of time to go back and nurdle one behind square
  , Binny to Robson, no run, line and length in the channel from Binny, Robson watches it through
  , Binny to Robson, no run, on the the stumps, mid-70s mph and defended from the crease
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, a beauty from Ishant but again the edge doesn't carry! Lovely line, sucking Ballance into playing as the delivery went across him but the ball dropped well short of second slip this time
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, length delivery on leg stump, Ballance clumps it towards midwicket where the fielder gathers
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, angled across towards the slips, length ball outside off, Ballance shows it the face and blocks to cover
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, back over the wicket, touch short of a length and dabbed to leg
  , Sharma to Ballance, 2 runs, goes a little too straight this time and Ballance takes a couple through square off his pads
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, continues around the wicket, gun-barrel straight in the corridor, Ballance shoulders arms
  , Jadeja to Robson, no run, tossed up around leg stump, Robson watches it on to the bat face
  , Jadeja to Robson, no run, slides this down the leg side, no turn as the ball goes on with the arm, Robson goes back and gets his gear out of the way
  , Jadeja to Robson, no run, pushed through a bit flatter, stays back and taps to short oleg
  , Jadeja to Robson, no run, on the stumps, gives it some air, Robson reaches out to defend
  , Jadeja to Robson, no run, stays back and defends with a straight bat from the crease
  , Jadeja to Robson, no run, around the wicket, tossed up on middle and leg, leans out to defend
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, in the channel outside off and left alone
  , Sharma to Ballance, FOUR, full length and in the slot, Ballance takes a big bite out of Ishant, transferring the weight forward and creaming four through the covers
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, he's drawn into playing at this, edged on the bounce to first slip! Decent line from Ishant but the ball died, as it has done on this track, several yards in front of Shikhar Dahwan
  , Sharma to Ballance, 2 runs, goes a length straighter, drifting on to the legs and whipped through square for a couple
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, disciplined line from Ishant, length ball in the channel, Ballance won't be drawn into playing though
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, Ishant goes around the wicket, length ball outside off, no stroke offered
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