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India vs South Africa
In Progress : India won the toss and elected to bat
( 72.1 overs )
South Africa

  , Harmer to Saha, no run, good delivery, shortish on off, Saha goes back to try to cut but the ball rises up, he rides the bounce well and keeps the cut down to slip
  , Imran Tahir to Ashwin, no run, tossed up on off, blocked off the front foot
  , Imran Tahir to Ashwin, no run, beats Ashwin for length, bowls it shorter outside off after seeing that Ashwin wanted to come down the pitch. Ashwin improvises well too and stays in his crease
  , Imran Tahir to Saha, 1 run, nicely tossed up, bringing Saha down the track. He does and drives wide of cover, mid-off though makes a good diving stop
  , Imran Tahir to Saha, no run, flat on off, defended
  , Imran Tahir to Ashwin, 1 run, googly on off, Ashwin rocks back and plays a nice cut towards cover for a single
  , Imran Tahir to Ashwin, no run, flat on off, turned to midwicket after skipping down the track
  , Harmer to Saha, no run, good delivery, tossed up on middle and off, a bit of inside edge and a bit of pad but the ball trickled down the pitch
  , Harmer to Saha, no run, shortish on middle, turned away on the bounce to leg slip
  , Harmer to Saha, 4 byes, more runs, more free runs for India. Starts this down leg and that is not a great place to start, spins a mile after pitching and Vilas cannot keep that in either. Four byes
  , Harmer to Saha, no run, worked away to midwicket
  , Harmer to Ashwin, 1 run, advances down the track and pushes this to long-on with the spin, nimble use of the feet
  , Harmer to Ashwin, no run, lots of turn and that one bounced too. Quick through the air, pitches outside off and spins down leg. Ashwin plays but withdraws his bat late
  , Imran Tahir to Saha, FOUR, four free runs for Saha and India. Another bad full toss from Tahir, Saha comes down and wallops this past midwicket for four. Just cannot afford these runs from SA's point of view
  , Imran Tahir to Saha, no run, googly on off, Saha comes down and keeps it out, a muted appeal
  , Imran Tahir to Saha, no run, slower through the air outside off, Saha drives towards cover again
  , Imran Tahir to Saha, no run, driven to cover
  , Imran Tahir to Saha, no run, tossed up down leg, Saha goes down to sweep to short fine leg
  , Morkel to Saha, no run, good start, full on off and middle, Saha gets behind the line to defend under his eyes
  , Harmer to Ashwin, no run, runs at the bowler and closes the gap between bat and pad to keep the flighted, vicious delivery out
  , Harmer to Ashwin, no run,
  , Harmer to Ashwin, no run, massive appeal, and a terrific decision from the umpire. Struck him outside the off stump. Goes back and is beaten by a ripping offspinner but he managed to get his pad outside the line of off stump.
  , Harmer to Ashwin, no run, a touch shorter and flatter on leg, beats Ashwin on the inside edge and on the pads
  , Harmer to Saha, 1 run, more flight on leg, Saha dances down and clips to deep midwicket
  , Harmer to Ashwin, 1 run, tossed up on off, Ashwin comes forward and works the ball with the spin to long-on
  , Rabada to Saha, no run, good end. Full length, inviting the drive but Saha has already fished and edged there before and decides to withdraw his bat. Hasn't looked particularly decisive has Saha
  , Rabada to Saha, no run, yorker outside off, dug out to cover
  , Rabada to Ashwin, 3 runs, 135 kph, threads the gap at extra cover. Good length but too much width for Ashwin to stay in his crease and caress the drive for three. Another good chase by van Zyl
  , Rabada to Ashwin, no run, good stuff. Fuller than a good length on off and middle, swings away quite late but not enough as Ashwin stays in his crease to defend
  , Rabada to Ashwin, no run, good delivery. Goes straight on, no lateral movement. Ashwin leaves watchfully
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