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Zimbabwe vs New Zealand
In Progress : New Zealand require another 206 runs with 10 wickets and 42.4 overs remaining
( 50 overs )
New Zealand
( 7.2 overs )

  , Williams to Guptill, 1 run, full delivery this time, driven down to long-off
  , Williams to Guptill, FOUR, easy stuff for Guptill. Short, wide and Guptill won't miss out on those. He waits for it to spin and flat-bats it past cover point for four very easy runs
  , Mpofu to Latham, no run, back of a length delivery around off stump, Latham stands tall and punches off the back foot to point
  , Mpofu to Latham, no run, slower offcutter from Mpofu, decent change-up. Latham waits for it to come to him before working it to square leg
  , Mpofu to Latham, no run, good length with a touch of room, square-driven to point off the front foot
  , Mpofu to Guptill, 3 runs, fuller and quick with a hint of away swing, Guptill drives it and it skews off the outer half of the bat in the gap behind backward and cover point
  , Mpofu to Guptill, no run, good stuff. Tight line and length around off, Guptill cannot do anything with those, he guides it to point
  , Mpofu to Latham, 1 run, overpitched outside off, should have been dispatched. He drives but cover is able to get across and cut it off
  , Panyangara to Guptill, no run, wild swipe! Totally unnecessary from Guptill with all the poor bowling. It is full and outside off, Guptill skips a couple of steps down and tries to loft down the ground. No connection, just a heave
  , Panyangara to Latham, 1 run, on his pads again, clipped to mid-on which is followed by a quick single
  , Panyangara to Latham, no run, hit to point in the air but lands just short, wide outside off again and Latham square drives but straight to backward point
  , Panyangara to Latham, no run, short and wide this time, Latham walks across his stumps a couple of steps and slaps it to point
  , Panyangara to Latham, 2 runs, picked off his pads to square leg, runs coming all too easily for the openers. Looks like the bowlers are struggling to adapt to the left-right combination
  , Panyangara to Guptill, 1 run, worked it off his pads again to midwicket, gets off strike easily
  , Mpofu to Latham, no run, drifts on his pads again, worked away in the air to square leg, falls well short though.
  , Mpofu to Latham, no run, better, much better. Top-of-off stump line and at back of a length, blocked back to the bowler
  , Mpofu to Guptill, 1 run, whipped off his pads to square leg for an easy single. Not great bowling. There has to be a string of consistent deliveries. All over the place at the moment are Zimbabwe's opening bowlers
  , Mpofu to Guptill, no run, fuller length around off stump again, Guptill gets forward and drives to mid-on without great timing
  , Mpofu to Guptill, no run, decent comeback, back of a length around off stump, patted down to point
  , Mpofu to Guptill, FOUR, awful delivery, easy runs for Guptill. On his pads on leg stump, Guptill gets forward and flicks it easily through square leg. Races across for four
  , Panyangara to Latham, no run, elegant shot but picks the fielder at mid-off. Slightly fuller and asking to be driven, but Latham can't pierce the gap
  , Panyangara to Latham, no run, good length delivery on a fourth stump line, well defended with a giant stride.
  , Panyangara to Guptill, 1 run, some more room for Guptill outside the off stump, gets on top of the bounce and guides it behind point, some more good fielding from Zimbabwe
  , Panyangara to Guptill, no run, a bit of room there, Guptill throws his hands at it, maybe a bit too hard and finds cover point
  , Panyangara to Guptill, no run, on Guptill's pad again, gets his front foot way across but gets his bat down in time and flicks it to short fine leg
  , Panyangara to Latham, 1 run, pitched outside leg and coming back in to middle, a thick inside edge from Latham gets it down to fine leg. The bat came down with a bit of an angle on that occasion
  , Mpofu to Guptill, no run, oh shot. Crashed through the off side, short and wide and deserved to be punished. He smashes it off the back foot to cover point but a great diving stop prevents it from going through
  , Mpofu to Guptill, no run, a bit shorter on off stump, defended with intent off the back foot
  , Mpofu to Guptill, no run, full on middle and leg, another good front foot stride and turned away with the angle towards mid-on
  , Mpofu to Guptill, no run, fuller delivery again, this time Guptill defends to point
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