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Kolkata T20 vs Bangalore T20
Innings break : Bangalore T20 won the toss and elected to field
Kolkata T20
( 20 overs )
Bangalore T20

  , Starc to Vinay Kumar, OUT, tries to be cheeky but pays the price... He moves across the stumps to flick the full delivery fine, but only lobs it to short fine leg fielder
  , Starc to Vinay Kumar, 2 runs, this one is fired on the blockhole, but the batsman digs it so hard into the pitch, it bounces over the bowler.. they come back for a second
  , Starc to SA Yadav, 1 run, short and wide, a touch slower though, the batsman gets an underedge to the keeper, but picks up a single
  , Starc to SA Yadav, 2 runs, just chips this one over extra cover and manages to beat the infield to pick up a couple
  , Starc to Vinay Kumar, 1 bye, swing and a miss from Vinay.. He was nowhere near the line of the ball, but picks up a bye
  , Starc to SA Yadav, 1 leg bye, he wants to thwack everything to the leg side.. it's not really working anymore for him as he gets hit on the pad trying to play that sweep.. gives him a leg-bye
  , Starc to SA Yadav, 1 wide, bowls it full and wide and tests the umpire with that one.. doesn't impress him.. it's called a wide
  , Dinda to SA Yadav, 1 run, throws his bat at this fuller one and can only manage to push it to cover for a single
  , Dinda to SA Yadav, no run, he is trying that shot too often..It looked good the first time.. not so much now as he attempts a sweep at a wide yorker again and makes no connection..
  , Dinda to Vinay Kumar, 1 run, bowls a good yorker on off, the batsman can only dig it out for a single to long off
  , Dinda to SA Yadav, 1 leg bye, he charges down the pitch and likes to repeat the sweep from wide outside off, but misses and gets hit on the pads.. picks up a leg bye to backward point
  , Dinda to SA Yadav, 2 runs, this one is in the air, but beats the fielder at short fine leg.. It was a slower ball wide outside off and the batsman manages to drag it over his shoulder for a couple
  , Dinda to SA Yadav, FOUR, this is full and wide outside off and guess what the batsman does.. Surya sweeps him from there and past midwicket for a boundary.. Extraordinary shot
  , Aaron to SA Yadav, 1 run, fuller and quicker on off, the batsman digs it out to cover for a single
  , Aaron to Vinay Kumar, 1 run, quick length delivery on off, the batsman dabs it to cover for a quick single
  , Aaron to Vinay Kumar, 1 wide, he fires this on the pads, but this one is down the leg side
  , Aaron to SA Yadav, 1 run, he almost cuts it all the way to the third-man fielder.. That's what pace does..144 kph
  , Aaron to SA Yadav, no run, charges down the pitch to a 142 kph length delivery, but this one swings away and is beaten outside off
  , Aaron to SA Yadav, no run, short and sharp outside off from Aaron, Surya tries to ramp it over third man but makes no connection
  , Aaron to Uthappa, OUT, Whoa! how far has that gone! not too far unfortunately for Uthappa. he made room, got a slower ball, lifted it towards deep midwicket and looked like he made a good connection... But that went straight into the bucket hands of Starc
  , Starc to SA Yadav, SIX, nicely done, Yadav moves to off stump, and creates space to whip this back of a length ball with the angle, it is timed so well it goes all the way
  , Starc to Uthappa, 1 run, backs away to leg, Starc goes full on the stumps, Uthappa guides it to backward point
  , Starc to Uthappa, SIX, 145 kph short ball, Uthappa swivels for a pull, and the top edge flies high over short fine leg
  , Starc to SA Yadav, 1 run, moves across, uses the angle into him to tuck it through vacant midwicket
  , Starc to SA Yadav, 2 runs, full again, much closer to off, he squeezes a drive in the air behind point
  , Starc to SA Yadav, no run, full and wide from round the stumps, he tries to square drive, misses
  , Chahal to Uthappa, 2 runs, bit more on the angle into the right hander, it straightens on leg, and is worked in front of square
  , Chahal to SA Yadav, 1 run, length ball spins away from leg to off, he tucks it to midwicket
  , Chahal to SA Yadav, 2 runs, googly comes in from just outside off, he nudges it square on the leg side, keeper is after it, but cannot prevent them from taking two
  , Chahal to Uthappa, 1 run, tossed up slowly on leg, he goes back and works it in front of square
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